POINT OF VIEW. “Presidential 2022: make no mistake about the diagnosis”

“At the time of the political re-entry in this presidential election year, we can see the old moons of “on shave free” blooming again: a 4-day week, retirement at 60, minimum wage of € 1,500, sometimes even Frexit or leaving the euro. Not only do these measures come from a magical thought by virtue of […]

Human rights organization liquidated in Belarus

“Penultimate” human rights organization liquidated in Belarus – local Helsinki Committee Problems with the protection of human rights began to escalate in Belarus after the presidential elections in August 2020. In Belarus, the country’s Supreme Court has liquidated the human rights organization Belarusian Helsinki Committee (BHC). About this on Friday, October 1, reported The Belarusian […]

Anne Hidalgo will announce her candidacy on Sunday morning in Rouen

The mayor of Paris will continue on Sunday evening with an interview at 20H de France 2. She in turn launches into the race. Anne Hidalgo will announce her candidacy for the presidential election Sunday morning from Rouen. A speech by the mayor of Paris is scheduled for 10:45. However, we should not expect a […]

Presidential. Jean-Luc Mélenchon defends a “social emergency law”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, rebel candidate for the 2022 presidential election, defend a “Social emergency law” including the price freeze on basic necessities, the increase in the minimum wage to 1,400 euros net and the postponement of the repayment of loans guaranteed by the State, in an interview with JDD on Sunday. The LFI deputy also wants […]

BSP in action: publicly asks Radev if he supports Kiril Petkov’s unborn party (Obzor)

KALOYAN METODIEV Two key Red MPs confused over the regular Socialists gave the first presidential term Stefan Yanev will not sneeze without permission from the president, interpreted the prime minister’s support for the new one project the former member of the team of the head of state Kaloyan Metodiev An action against the unborn party, […]

Presidential. Eric Ciotti wants to establish blood rights to obtain French nationality

Éric Ciotti, deputy and departmental advisor LR of the Alpes-Maritimes and primary candidate that his party could organize in the context of the 2022 presidential election, called on Saturday, August 28, 2021 for a peaceful countryside, before his candidacy speech in Levens, in the hinterland of Nice. It is a campaign that I wish serene, […]

Teacher salary scale: $ 4,000 won’t be for everyone

Photo: Screenshot Shkarlet noted that salaries for teachers will increase twice in 2021 The best teachers at the presidential university will have the highest salaries, Sergey Shkarlet explained. In Ukraine, a salary of 4 thousand dollars for professors is real. And for teachers by the end of 2021, the salary will increase by almost 30%. […]

Goose: Laura Codruța Kovesi wants to become the president of Romania in 2024

Cozmin Gușă, during the show “Deferiți mass-media” from DC News, made some assessments regarding the ambitions that Laura Codruța Kovesi, the current European Chief Prosecutor, has for her to run in 2024. In the opinion of Cozmin Gușă, the former head of DNA wants to run in 2024. The political consultant also reminded, in the […]