Has hydroxychloroquine been used mainly by the wealthy?

Question asked on 05/15/2020 Hello, You draw our attention to an article by Forbes, which is roughly the translation of another, which appeared in Provence May 10, and titled “Coronavirus: the explosion of prescriptions for hydroxychloroquine”. We read in particular: “Patients who have had access to hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of Covid-19 are generally more […]

No, a decree does not facilitate euthanasia in nursing homes or at home

Question asked by Fred on 04/03/2020 Hello, Several of you asked us about the publication, on March 29, of a decree allowing city doctors to prescribe, without a marketing authorization (MA) and as part of the Covid-19 epidemic, a drug called Rivotril. This exemption is in effect until April 15. Since the weekend, the government […]

Surgical OR FFP2? – Release

Whether it is “surgical” masks (photo on the left) or “respiratory protection” masks (photo on the right), they are not intended to be on your nose, unless you have a caregiver or a patient, and they are primarily intended for the entire chain of medical personnel, from surgeon to pharmacist. Surgical masks are the most […]