Complete List of Car Prices That Get 0% PPnBM Discount Extended

Jakarta – The government officially extends 100% PPnBM discount until August 2021. Some cars with engines of 1,500 cc and below will again get a 100% PPnBm discount. The provisions regarding the extension of the 100% PPnBM discount are contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 77/PMK.010/2021. This policy changes the PPnBM […]

Price List for Avanza-Xpander et al Thanks to 0% PPnBM, Starting from IDR 100 Million!

Jakarta – Car prices in the low MPV class have dropped again. You see, cars like Avanza, Xpander and others get back 100% PPnBM discount. Yes, the government has extended the 100% PPnBM discount until August 2021. The Ministry of Finance issues Minister of Finance Regulation on Amendments to Minister of Finance Regulation No. 31/PMK.010/21 […]

Official! This is the Rules for Extending the 100% PPnBM Car Discount from Sri Mulyani

Jakarta – Minister of Finance (Minister of Finance) Sri Mulyani formal extend discount Sales Tax on Luxury Goods Borne by the Government (PPnBM-DTP) for cars with a cylinder engine capacity of 1500 cc. The government provides relaxation of PPnBM only until the end of 2021. Extension PPnBM DTP discount given to the 4×2 vehicle segment […]

Check out the list of cars that are free of 0 percent PPnBM until August 2021

Jakarta – The government will release again tax on sale of luxury goods (PPnBM) new cars until August 2021. Currently, there are 23 cars of various models and brands that receive 0 percent PPnBM allotment. This relaxation is a continuation of the liberation policy PPnBM a car for a capacity of 1500 cc and below […]

Attention! Government Extends Zero Percent PPnBM Relaxation for New Cars

Jakarta – Sales tax discount on luxury goods (PPnBM) 100 percent for new cars 1,500 cc and below ended last May. The result was clear, the government agreed to extend the relaxation. The government seeks to accelerate the national economic recovery by implementing various strategic policies, one of which is through the provision of fiscal […]

There is a PPnBM discount, 1,500 cc car consumers switch to Innova and Fortuner

JAKARTA, – The government officially implemented Tax incentives Sales of luxury goods (PPnBM) of 100 percent for cars with a capacity of less than 1,500 cc in the first phase, from March to May 2021. Not long ago, PPnBM discount 50 percent for the first phase is also given to cars with a capacity […]

Xpander PPnBM 0% Sold Out, Consumers are Offered a 50% Discounted PPnBM Version

Jakarta – Discount policy PPnBM 0 percent a real impact on new car sales in the midst of the Corona virus pandemic. Take Mitsubishi, for example, which mentions Mitsubishi sales Xpander and Xpander Cross grew by more than 91.2%. However, this high demand, was not accompanied by an adequate supply of units, as a result […]

Officially Get Tax Discounts, Peek at the Price of Used Toyota Fortuner

JAKARTA, – PThe government has officially expanded the discount rules Tax Sale of Luxury Goods Borne by the Government (PPnBM-DTP) for cars with an engine capacity of 1,500-2,500 cc. Discount tax given on condition that a local purchase is at least 60 percent. Discounts are given for the 4×2 and 4×4 vehicle segments with […]

New Car Orders Up 160 Percent

SOLO, – Financial Fervices Authority (OJK) noted that consumer credit has begun to recover from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the indicators is soaring booking or booking a new car. Chairman of the OJK Board of Commissioners Wimboh Santoso said the automotive sector is one of the sectors that is starting […]