Stomach Matters Make HP Servicemen at PGC Choose Down to the Road

Jakarta – Malls and shopping centers are temporarily closed for a period of time Emergency PPKM 3-20 July. The policy began to be complained of by shop tenants at the Cililitan Wholesale Center (PGC), one of them is a repairman cell phone (HP) which began to descend to the side of the road to offer […]

Task Force Says There Is Possible Extension of Emergency PPKM

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The government opens the option to extend the period of application of restrictions on community activities (PPKM) Java-Bali Emergency which will expire on 20 July. Spokesman Covid-19 task force Wiku Adisasmito said that the Emergency PPKM in Java and Bali is not impossible to extend if the trend of positive cases […]

Emergency PPKM Applies, What If You Want Car Service?

Jakarta – The government implements Enforcement of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) from 3 July to 20 July 2021. Community activities are restricted. Then what if you want service mobile? Periodic service is a necessity for vehicle owners to keep their cars in top condition. Car owners can still service their cars for as long […]

List of Train Cancellations during Emergency PPKM

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) Daop 1 Jakarta cancels a number of departures train from Gambir Station and Pasar Senen from the first day of application Emergency PPKM, Saturday (3/7). In an official statement, KAI stated that only 11 trains departed from Gambir Station and 11 trains departed from Pasar Senen […]

5 Types of Government Assistance for Residents during Emergency PPKM

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Government implementing the Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) emergency throughout Java and Bali to handle the spread of COVID-19 cases from 3-20 July. Community activities and mobility are also limited. Various regulations were made, such as prohibiting non-essential sectors from opening during this period and working from home (WFH) […]

The Flow of People In And Out Will Be Restricted

Jakarta – Policy Emergency PPKM is being finalized. Deputy governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria, said that there would be restrictions on the flow of people in and out of Jakarta Emergency PPKM. “Then operating hours are also accelerated from the previous 10, 21, 8 and so on and also the flow of people […]