“Yasmine Sabry’s Yacht Pictures Go Viral on Social Media”

Yasser Al-Jarjoura – Riyadh – Tuesday, April 18, 2023 05:36 PM – Social media pioneers shared pictures of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, after I posted pictures of her on my Instagram account while she was on a yacht at sea. The pictures received a lot of interaction from the fans of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, […]

Acting with unabashed confidence.

Yasmine Yassin A content editor who graduated from the Department of Media at Ain Shams University. She has writing experience since 2007. She started her writing on topics related to fitness and beauty. She presented rich content on the most prominent Arab websites specializing in health, beauty and fashion. She always seeks to help the […]

Swiss aircraft compelled to release kerosene and reverse route due to emergency

The reason for the cancellation of the flight was a message from the machine’s hydraulic system, as the airline Swiss says on request. LX8 landed safely at Zurich Airport again in the afternoon. LX8 passengers were able to board a new machine at 5:30 p.m., a spokeswoman for Swiss airline said. Too heavy to land […]

Doctors confirm hormonal changes during mid-age are a cause of belly fat in women.

Belly fat is a common issue among middle-aged women and often leads to a decrease in confidence levels. It is frustrating when diet and exercise alone fail to eliminate stubborn belly fat. However, studies have shown that hormonal changes that occur during middle age may be a contributing factor to this issue. Women in their […]

Father and son convicted for fraudulent Covid loans, sentenced to jail

It was about two companies in whose management the two are involved. According to the indictment, the accused from the canton of Lucerne applied for a loan of CHF 120,000 for one company from the Corona aid program and a loan of CHF 245,000 for the other, each with incorrect information on sales. The criminal […]

Registration points for Progresar Scholarships expanded to inner province areas.

The Ministry of Education, in charge of Andrea Centurión, communicates that offices have been set up in the interior of the province so that young people can enroll in the Support Program for Argentine Students (Progresar Scholarships). The registration period for this first call will take place until March 31 for Progresar Compulsory, Progresar Superior […]