Louvre sues Pornhub for erotic guide

Фото: Getty Images Louvre outraged by Pornhub erotic guide The legendary museum demands to remove from the porn site the masterpieces of world art, which on Pornhub “revived” porn actors, giving them a completely different reading. The pornographic resource Pornhub has once again found itself at the epicenter of a scandal. The reason for this […]

Pornhub Sues 34 Victims for Alleged Illegal Sex Videos

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — At least thirty-four women sued Pornhub and its parent company, MindGeek on Thursday (17/6). They alleged that the site knowingly took advantage of video sex illegally taken without the consent of the victim (non-consensual). Non-consensual sex is sex that is carried out without the consent or knowledge of both parties. This […]

Pornhub just deleted millions of videos – Love

Millions of videos are disappearing from the largest porn site in the world. Why this is an important step. Pornhub is shrinking right now. The world’s largest porn operator removed all anonymously uploaded videos. That affects three quarters of all films. Of 13.5 million videos, only 2.9 million are displayed. Including the most watched amateur […]

‘Bow’ hey! Mastercard announces no longer operating on Pornhub

12 Dec 20 – Ms. Nattha Mahattana or Bow, the leader of the people who want to vote In a personal Twitter post, MasterCard announced that it stopped operating on Pornhub immediately after a few days of investigations to reveal that organized crime has occurred, according to a New York Times article. Time It is […]

Only in Thailand! People Demo Gegara Porn Sites Close

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Government of Thailand officially bans Pornhub and 190 other sites that display pornography. Thailand’s Digital Minister Puttipong Punnakanta said the block was part of restrictions to access to porn and gambling that was illegal under the country’s cyber crime law. But strangely, this led to outrage in the white elephant country […]