Great news for Bashur, Emilia made him the happiest m …

The man in Emilia’s life, Georges Bashour, will soon have a reason to draw. This is evident from the last photo that the pop-folk temptation uploaded on social networks. Boasting about the success of her new song, she unknowingly revealed another piece of news from her personal life. The picture shows a big belly, which […]

Kali’s new owner of a famous app …

A Plovdiv resident named Atanas is referring to the new boyfriend of the pop-folk singer Kali. He is known to be younger than the singer and comes from a very wealthy family that develops a pharmaceutical business. They own one of the most popular pharmacy chains in Plovdiv, Weekend claims. The family was initially quite […]

Finer than Mom Gloria! Simona Zagorova lost 23 kilos after …

Simona Zagorova, who gave birth to her daughter Galina in February, returned to the competition with minus 23 kilograms. Gloria’s daughter resumed her performances in May and immediately made a strong impression with her perfect figure. At the end of the same month, Simona answered questions about her pregnancy in a video on her youtube […]

I am giving birth to my fourth husband for the fourth time

Kali admitted on TV that she was ready to give birth again. The singer admitted that her new relationship really inspires her and that is why she would give her beloved Nasko Napkin as a child, as her current lover is known. “I started a new life. For two years I have been in a […]

Did you survive it? Constantine talked about his love with Raina

“I forgot what Raina looks like and how beautiful she is,” Kotzeto told vlogger Alper Chochev. The singer went back to the years of his musical career and recalled not only the duets with Raina, but their stormy love. “Now my feeling is only for my wife, but Raina and I were in great love,” […]

Desi Slava admitted whether she was separated from Blagoy

After months of gossip and rumors, folk star Desi Slava finally talked about parting with the father of her second son – Blagoy Naidenov. The singer did not deny the end of her relationship and came out of the situation with the words: “I will answer interestingly whether we are together with Blagoy. Together or […]

Camellia glowed the web with this sexy PHOTO 18+

The years fly by, but that doesn’t stop Camelia from being sexier. On the contrary – the seductive folk diva does not stop maintaining a unique body and making improvements in her vision. For some her fans welcome her, for others she suffers criticism, but it is a fact that she is among the hottest […]

Pop folk icon from the 90’s returns with a gr …

The grand dame of the Bulgarian pop-folk Leah returns to the music scene. The singer of “I’ll Crush You the Roller”, “Customs Officer” and “Devil’s Magician” presented yesterday her latest project, entitled “I’m Paying”. He is the first of a total of 12 with which the 50-year-old star will surprise music lovers. “I am very […]

Sonia Nemska barely found money for living …

The pandemic and the lack of related involvement have seriously affected pop-folk singers. One of the most famous singers – Sonya Nemska, admits that due to lack of funds she almost left her daughter without a prom. Our industry has suffered the most! I had lost hope that I would be able to do my […]

There are no such legs in pop folk! Camelia exploded with PHOTO 18 …

The folk singer Kamelia once again demonstrates a perfect appearance and a generous dose of provocation. The 50-year-old chalga star puts in her pocket younger colleagues who can only envy her, especially for her long legs. The blonde, who in the last few months has decided to repair her face, ignited the passions with a […]