Iskhakov admitted that he has a dissonance in his head

Alexey Zayakin As noted by the fashion photographer, he hoped to come to an amicable agreement with his ex-wife to the last. Dmitry Iskhakov and Polina Gagarina. Photo: Photographer Dmitry Iskhakov on the Ksenia Sobchak show explained why he filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, singer Polina Gagarina. He intends to fight to see […]

“Miyusha grew up like that”: Polina Gagarina boasted of her beautiful daughter

Irina Romanova The artist demonstrated how she plays with children. Polina Gagarina. Photo: Performer Polina Gagarina posted a video on her personal microblog in which she showed summer fun with her daughter Mia. The actress put the youngest child in a special chair and rode the baby on a bicycle. Gagarina also remembered her […]

Gagarina in an elegant dress with a deep neckline flashed her breasts

Julia Todorovich The singer decided to show off in a new outfit. She even whistled to herself. Polina Gagarina. Photo: Polina Gagarina recently rested in Greece. She spent several weeks at the resort with her daughter Mia and son Andrey. The artist does not hide that she rarely goes on vacation, so she enjoyed […]

Gagarina in white Bermuda shorts and slingbacks went for a walk

Julia Todorovich The singer spent the whole day outside the house, but she was not affected by the downpour. What’s more, she boasted a summer look. Polina Gagarina. Photo: Polina Gagarina used to work tirelessly. This applies not only to creativity. The singer regularly plays sports to look good. And this summer she decided […]

Chumakov called Eurovision a politicized competition

Alexey Zayakin As the musician noted, participation in this competition will not make a Russian performer popular in Europe. Alexey Chumakov. Photo: Singer Alexei Chumakov said that he would not have gone to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest if he had received such an offer. According to him, not a single Russian artist, […]

how much money did Philip Kirkorov lose in 2020

Ilya Bogomolov The singer’s two companies suffered significant losses. Philip Kirkorov faced losses. Photo: Global Look Press The pandemic hit hard the financial position of Russian stars. And although domestic celebrities continue to post happy photos on social networks and show off their outfits, their affairs are far from being “covered in chocolate.” For example, […]

Gagarina in stiletto heels and leather leggings was imprinted in the shower

Julia Todorovich The singer on the set in Stockholm appeared in an unusual way for herself. Polina Gagarina. Photo: Polina Gagarina always takes responsibility for work. At the same time, she has a great sense of humor. The girl demonstrated this more than once when she arranged gatherings with friends. She is also not […]

Gagarina showed how her daughter repeats the exercises after her

Julia Todorovich The singer arranged a home workout. As it turned out, the heiress keeps her company. Polina Gagarina. Photo: Polina Gagarina recently works hard. The singer barely finds free time. She takes part in the filming of the show “The Voice”, and also gives concerts and plays on the stage. In early summer, […]

Gagarina in ultra-fashionable shorts complemented the image with a top in naive style

Olga Kamilova Olga Trofimova, an expert at the portal, advised the fair sex to pay attention to the current cut of high-waist mini-shorts. Polina Gagarina (Photo: Polina Gagarina has already returned to Moscow after the August holidays in Turkey. As soon as air communication was established between our countries, the singer immediately bought […]

Polina Gagarina completed the maxi dress with a wide belt

Julia Todorovich The singer charmed many fans in the summer. Polina Gagarina. Photo: Polina Gagarina returned to work after quarantine. The singer spent more than two months at home with her daughter Mia. There were rumors that the girl broke up with her husband Dmitry Iskhakov. At first, none of them commented on the […]