Gagarina in an elegant dress with a deep neckline flashed her breasts

Julia Todorovich The singer decided to show off in a new outfit. She even whistled to herself. Polina Gagarina. Photo: Polina Gagarina recently rested in Greece. She spent several weeks at the resort with her daughter Mia and son Andrey. The artist does not hide that she rarely goes on vacation, so she enjoyed […]

Gagarina in white Bermuda shorts and slingbacks went for a walk

Julia Todorovich The singer spent the whole day outside the house, but she was not affected by the downpour. What’s more, she boasted a summer look. Polina Gagarina. Photo: Polina Gagarina used to work tirelessly. This applies not only to creativity. The singer regularly plays sports to look good. And this summer she decided […]