Anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic: Scandalous carnival in the heart of EU news abroad

It doesn’t get any tastier! Carnival is about putting on funny costumes and having fun with your friends. There is also satirical criticism of politics. But what happened during a carnival parade in Aalst, Belgium, is neither funny nor understandable. There were people walking around in Nazi uniforms. Jews were represented as insects. And not […]

Forecasts – Bernie Sanders wins primary in Nevada – overseas politics

As expected, Bernie Sanders is ahead of the area code in Nevada. Left-wing presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has won the third Democratic area code in Nevada, according to several forecasts. After the Fox News channel, the CNN, NBC News and other US media channels also clearly saw the race in favor of Sanders on Saturday. […]

Donald Trump: does Russia interfere in presidential election? – Politics

According to media reports, US intelligence agencies assume that Russia wants to intervene again in the election campaign to help President Donald Trump (73) win another election. Senior officials in the House of Representatives explained this in a confidential meeting, the New York Times, Washington Post and CNN broadcaster reported on Thursday evening (local time). […]

Turkey: New Arrest Warrant Against Gezi Protester Kavala – Politics Abroad

Yet again! New wave of arrests against suspected opponents of Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan! The prosecutor’s office issued nearly 700 warrants, among other things, against members of the military and the judiciary, the state media reported on Tuesday. Her alleged offense: They are said to be followers of the movement of the preacher Fetullah […]