In Dnipro, a man was stabbed to death for a remark on the street

Photo: A man was killed on Saranskaya street The man received three stab wounds and died before the arrival of the ambulance and police. In the Dnieper, at about six o’clock in the morning, unknown persons killed a 36-year-old man. About it informs National Police on Monday 19 July. The incident took place on […]

Bonn: After motorcycle speeders – police officers have to fear tougher penalties

June 24, 2021 at 5:10 am Motorcycle speeders in Bonn : Police officers face harsher punishments A policeman from the Bonn police department is said to have been traveling too fast privately with his motorcycle. Photo: dpa Bonn The public prosecutor’s office and the Cologne police are investigating a police officer who allegedly fled a […]

A completely naked babe went wild, smashed the bar, and finally … VIDEO 18+

A naked woman smashed a bar and hit the police with bottles, writes “Monitor“, referring to the” Daily Mail “. The action took place in Florida, USA. Tina Kindred, 53, behaved “uncontrollably”, turned tables, climbed naked on the bar and then started breaking, throwing bottles of drinks on the floor. Police arrived on the scene. […]

Home police officers are being killed en masse

The violent Jalisco cartel responded to Mexico’s “Hugs, not bullets” policy with its own policy: kidnapped several members of an elite police unit in the state of Guanajuato, tortured them to obtain their names and addresses. colleagues, and now harass and kill police officers in their homes and in front of their families when they […]

Baden-Wuerttemberg: Trapped in a sewer: police officers help swan chicks

Sunday 23 May 2021 Baden-Wuerttemberg Trapped in a sewer: police officers help swan chicks Rottenburg (dpa / lsw) – Police have freed six swan chicks from a side canal of the Neckar in Rottenburg in the Tübingen district. A pedestrian had previously reported that the birds could not leave the canal on their own. As […]

Riots break out again in East Jerusalem

Dozens of people detained during riots in Jerusalem During the dispersal of the parishioners, six police officers were injured, as well as about 200 Palestinians. Dozens of rioters were detained. On Friday evening, May 7, violent clashes broke out between Palestinians and Israeli police on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, reports AFP with reference to […]

Unprecedented police action in all of Bulgaria on Easter

Uniformed and civilian police officers will watch for suspicious persons and people from the criminal contingent who have decided to commit burglaries during the Easter holidays. This was reported by “Monitor” Inspector Rosen Belishki from the Criminal Police Department at the General Directorate of the National Police. According to him, such actions are made constantly, […]

In Kiev, the girl held a civil detention

Photo: ДТП The girl detained the thief in Kiev The attacker tried to steal things from the shopping kiosk, but a young girl detained him until the police arrived. In Kiev on Mayakovsky Avenue today, March 27, an 18-year-old girl conducted a civil detention of the attacker. This is reported by the Telegram channel […]

All of New York is talking about this Bulgarian policeman, that’s why PHOTOS

A Bulgarian policeman in New York became a real hero after saving the life of a three-month-old boy. Dilyan Krastev was patrolling the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday morning when a panicked woman rushed to him. She explained to the policeman through tears that her child was not breathing, she clarified Krastev immediately started giving […]