Covid Italia, Sileri: I exclude national lockdown hypothesis

The Deputy Minister of Health said this, speaking during the Timeline. For Sileri, this is a hypothesis to be excluded, “unless the data of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow show a homogeneous run-up to the virus in all regions”. One of the current critical issues? “There is not a shortage of swabs, but a […]

the health system is about to collapse – Libero Quotidiano

We are a Tuesday, the program of Giovanni Floris on La7. In comparison Pietro Senaldi and the Deputy Minister of Health, Pierpoalo Sileri, who at the precise request of the director of Libero, in fact, confirms that the health system is in collapse. “My question is quite simple: are these measures that will be taken […]

Covid, Pierpaolo Sileri: “The vaccine will not be available before mid-2021”

The quarantine “Let’s not forget that this virus severely affects the elderly and those with pre-existing diseases, it is they who must protect as long as the virus circulates,” he noted. On the hypothesis of decreasing the days of quarantine Sileri pointed out: “A good compromise would be to do 7 days of isolation and […]