EU ban on plant protection: protests by farmers across Germany

Protests against the proposals of the EU Commission to limit the use of plant protection products in sensitive areas such as landscape protection areas are increasing. For example, the organization Agriculture Connects Bavaria (LSV) is planning a demonstration for the whole of Bavaria on Wednesday 31 August in Würzburg. Demonstrations were also recorded in other […]

Peasant protests across Germany |

The Land Creates Connection (LSV) organization is calling for demonstrations from farmers across Germany. Demonstrations of tractors were recorded in cities such as Stuttgart, Würzburg, Mainz, Dresden, Potsdam and Magdeburg, Claus Hochrein, president of LSV Bayern and a board member of LSV Germany, confirmed to the weekly. Farmers are demonstrating for a fair and professional […]

Peasant protests in the Netherlands: solidarity actions in Germany

According to LSV, farmers from all more than Germany achieved on the freeway bridges on Thursday 7 July at 9pm to show their solidarity with the protesting Dutch farmers. As stated Andreas Bertele, push spokesman for LSV Oberbayern, the Bavarian agricultural weekly, among 450 and 500 farmers took component in the spontaneously scheduled activities on […]