Iraq, Isis claims the Baghdad attack – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BAGHDAD, 22 JAN – ISIS, through its propaganda organ, claimed responsibility for the double suicide bombing that yesterday in Baghdad caused at least 35 deaths and 80 injuries. Iraq has declared the self-styled Islamic State militarily defeated since 2017, but cells of the organization continue to exist and in some cases to operate, […]

Music of Sant Antoni on the organ, on IB3 radio

Tonight at 10pm, the program La ruta d’Orfeu, which runs Pere Estelrich, on IB3 radio, will broadcast, among other music related to the month of January, an unpublished work, recorded yesterday at the Alaró organ and performed by the organist Miquel Benàssar within the musical cycle The Mornings of the organ. Bennàssar took on musical […]

High-resolution photo of coronavirus thorns was first taken by scientists

Pictures of scientists will help to create effective vaccines against coronavirus. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS American scientists published the first quality photos of coronavirus thorns. Protein compounds are clearly visible in the pictures. According to scientists, the obtained images will help in creating an effective vaccine against coronavirus. Researchers from the United States explain in […]

In Ufa, a body without clothes was found under the windows of a skyscraper

In Ufa, on the morning of November 8, the corpse of an elderly man was found under the windows of a nine-story building on Sorge Street. This was announced by KP-Ufa’s own source in law enforcement agencies. The police identified the deceased as a 91-year-old pensioner who lived in the same house near which his […]

“In New York, hospitals are permanently close to saturation”

New York City became the main focus of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States last week, with nearly 40,000 people tested positive and nearly 1,000 dead. Many hospitals in the first American city are already overheating, and must manage the influx of patients, with very uneven resources from one hospital to another, as these […]

Cybercriminals organized a series of DDoS attacks on the Constitution quiz site

Friends! A disgusting event occurred: professional cybercriminals organized a series of powerful DDoS attacks on the server on which the site of the Komsomolskaya Pravda quiz “The Constitution is Me” is located. It is obvious that the goal of the customers of the attack is to disrupt the quiz, prevent Komsomolskaya Pravda from celebrating its […]

it affects not only the lungs, but the whole body

The first 10 days after the onset of symptoms of the disease, the 38-year-old American was feeling quite well. He was not at risk; he had no chronic diseases. – The man was examined, the disease was mild. The patient had a slight cough. Therefore, he was sent home for treatment, ”says the head of […]