Skype Meet Now Feature Will Be Available on Windows 10 Home Screen

The features that have been present since last April will soon be made easier for users. Skype is expected to compete with Zoom. – During the pandemic, teleconferencing applications have become essential to carry out activities. Starting from remote work, online learning, even to virtual family gatherings. This condition certainly creates an explosion in […]

WhatsApp Video Call Can Immediately Replace Zoom on Your Desktop

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – WhatsApp Web is known for carrying out only simple functions, receiving and sending text messages and photos. But in the future WhatsApp web will be an alternative to the Zoom application on your desktop because it will add video call and voice call features. Based on reports from the WhatsApp development […]

Netizens Can Make Money From Zoom, Here’s How!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Zoom will allow its users to make money directly from the platform. You do this through the OnZoom feature. This will also be the new cash machine of the online meeting application that Eric Yuan founded. OnZoom is a marketplace-like feature on the Zoom website that will offer paid classes. Classes […]