How the MLP Academics Heidelberg want to achieve promotion to the Bundesliga – sport

Heidelberg is one of the most traditional basketball locations in Germany. In the past few years, the MLP Academics have blossomed into a top team in the second division. Ascent is possible, but the structural hurdles are high. The matter will be decided by May 2nd. The pandemic has dei ernOingortaas der eenwtiZ eBeisltga-sdabuallnBk uz […]

Partnership with Kutztown: Something is emerging – Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis

Altrip’s local mayor, Volker Mansky, was out and about in the USA with his daughter, at the beginning of 2020. “Out of the corner of his eye” he saw a signpost to Kutztown, he says. At that time, the first contacts for a possible partnership between the two places had just been made. Now the […]

How Smoothie Andy gets through the Corona crisis – Grünstadt and Leiningerland

2020 would have been a good year for Smoothie Andy. But then Corona came and all orders for the Smoothie-Mobil were gone – markets and concerts, company and birthday parties canceled. And it’s not looking so good this year either. rJha 20 enrThdmcneoWi-een dnu nhze vncuiaPregtbuhn etsse, eirf (Btbe Ker, eonzt raesuGt) gebt demipanndebiget ngein.g […]

Smart watches for fitness, sport, work and everyday life – business

The watch with smartphone connection provides its users with more and more feedback. But who needs dozens of features when it comes to fitness? And maybe the watch should not only be smart, but also suitable for everyday use? Spring is here. And sporting outdoor activities deserve a suitable measuring instrument. Smart watches have been […]

Talks about damages from Hirschberger continue – Kusel district

The district will not yet sue its former district administrator Winfried Hirschberger for damages of around 300,000 euros. Both sides agreed last Friday to extend the deadline for an agreement to September 30th. gtsa nrtLaad otOt R: byul eid zaud e, igabnert ssad dei rFuongder in etiwne iTlnee rdiw dnu rdhucad uaf enei engal thirclegiche […]

Racism in the USA: those affected are no longer silent – politics

Racism in America – a long-running issue, unfortunately. But unlike in the past, the Georgia series of murders against immigrants from Asia could mark a turning point. kiaAmer etens.d eidWre e.mlian iDe enomtgaan, lne nvo nthcseeguunrAsi oresPett dre B➀akcl eisvL eeggn ewaiPitezlogl na akmoraifrrnenAe nsdi ocnh rshfic ni geinrnEru.n eDr sePrdos ren emBll eKr erd […]

State tightened mask requirements for children – Mannheim

Another opening step from the shutdown was originally planned for Monday, March 22nd. However, the state of Baden-Württemberg is putting it back and tightening the obligation to wear masks – especially for children. The emergency brake has already been pulled in Mannheim. No school visit without medical masks! This rule applies from Monday to both […]

Phönix Otterbach defies the rigid pandemic – Kaiserslautern

After the members of the traditional club FC Phönix Otterbach elected a new board a good six months ago, amateur football took big steps towards its second lockdown. The new management team meanwhile uses the time to push numerous projects. zrhScwa hatnet eeinn: Paln nVo egnnBi der eiAtstzm na leostl edr dekTnaegame ads drebedinven mtEneel […]

Corona burdens the already strained cash register – Bad Dürkheim district

The corona crisis is burdening the cash register of the community of Forst, which is already financially poor. There is a gap of 244,000 euros in the results budget for 2021. fnarudgu erd maeiPend imt 000.05 ruoE iengrew lsa mi raVorjh sneateztg od, enwr ranreBdh lineK D) (UC im Geaeet.imnrd ieD aneglUm an Kires udn […]