Viral, Video “Mr DPR” Protests Omnibus Law, This Said MKD Page all – A TikTok video shows several women claiming to be “mistresses.” Mr. DPR“and protested the Omnibus Law, went viral on social media. One of the video uploads was shared by the Twitter account @NetizenKardus on Friday (9/10/2020). In his upload, there are six TikTok videos with similar narratives. At the beginning of the video, […]

[KLARIFIKASI] Are These 13 Points Really in the Job Creation Act? Page all

clarification! Based on’s verification so far, there is something that needs to be clarified regarding this information. – The ratification of the omnibus law of the Job Creation Bill into law has not only drawn protests, but has also been followed by various information that has spread on social media. A number of […]