Rumored Cheating by Nindy, Olla Ramlan Disappointed His Good Name Was Damaged

Jakarta – Olla Ramlan continue to be questioned about what is rumored by Nindy Ayunda about him. Olla Ramlan who was getting bored gave a striking statement. Regarding his attitude to Nindy Ayunda, Olla Ramlan hinted that it was a natural thing. As a longtime friend, Olla Ramlan feels that he deserves to be disappointed […]

Olla Ramlan Disappointed with Nindy Ayunda because she was talked badly behind her back

Jakarta – Olla Ramlan expressed his disappointment during his best friend’s year, Nindy Ayunda vilify himself. This is because Olla Ramlan received a recording of Nindy Ayunda’s voice talking about her. But Olla Ramlan said that the post on his Instagram Stories some time ago was for Nindy Ayunda. “That’s not for Nindy, if Nindy […]