Oleg Zhdanov discussed how complicated it is to consider them down – UNIAN

There is information and facts from intelligence that Iranian instructors have previously started to practice Russian operators in the use of the Shahed 129 UAV. The length of the fuselage “Shahed 129” is 8 meters / picture from social networks It is not yet known how tough it is to shoot down the Shahed 129 […]

Zhdanov named effective ways – UNIAN

If we are talking about a railway bridge, then the echelon moving along it can intensify the blow. HIMARS systems are already in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine / US Army military expert Oleg Zhdanov described effective ways to strengthen the strikes of American HIMARS multiple rocket launchers on road or rail bridges. […]

Liberation of Kherson – Zhdanov described how it will be – UNIAN

The expert says that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not storm the city head-on. Zhdanov told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine will expel the invaders from Kherson / screenshot The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying with little bloodshed and the least losses to “crush” the Russian group in Kherson to the Dnieper […]

Armed Forces of Ukraine may begin to liberate Crimea immediately after Kherson

The expert explained the difficulties that may arise during the offensive operation of the Ukrainian army in the south of the country. Zhdanov believes that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may soon begin the liberation of Crimea / UNIAN The armed forces can probably go into occupied Crimea after the liberation from the Russians of […]

Zhdanov spoke about the future strike on the Crimean bridge – UNIAN

The expert is convinced that the bridge will be struck at the first opportunity. The Crimean bridge needs to be put out of action, Zhdanov believes / most.life Military expert Oleg Zhdanov is convinced that the Americans can disable the Crimean bridge. ATACMS missileswhich Ukraine should receive soon. He said this during live broadcast with […]

what will Russia do in response – World – tsn.ua

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about the situation in the international arena and assessed the tour of US President Joe Biden. – — Joe Biden’s Middle East tour is likely to end in success for Ukraine. About it declared military expert Oleg Zhdanov. “Joe Biden’s Middle East tour, judging by the data that we see […]

Zhdanov spoke about the siege and de-occupation of Kherson – UNIAN

The expert emphasized that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are conducting counter-offensive actions in the Kherson direction, and not a counter-offensive. Zhdanov described one of the options for the release of Kherson / photo ua.depositphotos.com Occupied Kherson subject to a fire advantage and a sufficient number of troops, it can be besieged in two days. […]