Methane Processor Microbes; Histobacteriological Laboratory and Rabies Vaccination Institute; Red stalagmite marks in Ardales cave are the result of human activity ›Noticien› Granma

An international team of scientists, led by the University of Bolina, Italy, discovered fossil remains of methane-processing microbes that lived in a hydrothermal system under the seafloor, 3.4 billion years ago. As stated by the authors of the finding, in the academic journal Science Advances, the aforementioned compounds are the oldest proof of the existence […]

Vietnam will produce the Cuban vaccine against COVID-19 Abdala ›World› Granma

Cuba is analyzing the transfer of technology to Vietnam for the manufacture of the vaccine against COVID-19 Abdala in the Indochinese nation, according to a program designed until the end of this year, the Vietnamese News Agency (VNA) reported. The office specifies that the issue was part of the telephone dialogue held between the First […]

The 26th in the art codes ›Granma

One of those mornings when I went early to talk with Mariano Rodríguez, and see him paint in his apartment in the building where the Habana Gallery is located, before he left for his daily functions at the Casa de las Américas, the commemoration of July 26. I told him that I was only six […]

Cuban shorts win awards at a film festival in India ›Culture› Granma

Roshani (Reels) International Film Festival 2021 Aurangbab, en la India Photo: Internet Three Cuban shorts belonging to the Horaficción audiovisual production group, won awards at the Roshani (Reels) International Film Festival 2021 Aurangabab, in India, held between July 11 and 16 by Tushar Torat. 870 works between feature films and short films participated in the […]

Cubans residing in Canada donate medical supplies (+ Video) ›Cuba› Granma

Holguin. A modest shipment of medical supplies sent by the Association of Cuban Residents “Juan Gualberto Gómez”, of Toronto, Canada, arrived on Saturday at the Frank País García International Airport, in this city. The donation, which rises slightly to 65,000 Canadian dollars, was made in collaboration with the organization Not Just Tourist and is an […]

Table: The continuity of the current school year in general education and the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year ›Cuba› Granma

The Minister of Education and the Director of the Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences will appear this Monday at the Round Table to provide updated information on the continuity of the current school year in general education and the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year. Cubavisión, Cubavisión Internacional and Radio Habana Cuba will broadcast this […]

Oliver Stone asks the US to stop campaigning against Russia ›World› Granma

The US must stop campaigning for war against Russia and not pretend to be the only force that controls the world, award-winning American filmmaker Oliver Stone said during a virtual interview with the Washington Post. Stone recalled a speech by the Russian president in which he declared that a unipolar world is not only unacceptable, […]

They open a new investigation process against Super League clubs ›Sports› Granma

Echoes of the European Soccer Super League continue to take their toll on UEFA. Hence, the governing body of this sport in the “old continent” has appointed a group of “ethics and discipline inspectors to” investigate “everything that happened and check if it is possible to sanction Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus”, according to the […]