China predicts the emergence of a new virus

Photo: Unsplash China predicted the emergence of a new “virus X” Specialists from the PRC suggest not to wait for the appearance of a new virus, which is still passing under the code name “Virus X”, but to prepare for its appearance. The head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Gao […]

Nintendo Download Thursday in the eShop [23/09]

Actraiser Renaissance, Castlevania Advance Collection, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot y Diablo II: Resurrected llegan a la eShop de Nintendo Switch. Unlike other occasions, this time there are a lot of pending games to come out in the eShop from Nintendo Switch. It jumps out in the report Nintendo Download This week. On September 28 they […]

Surprisingly, Maria Vania confides about the offer to become a wife… – Sexy model Maria Vania finally want to be honest about the offer to become a second wife. Maria confided that the offer came from an official. “From the beginning I was in Jakarta, there were so many offers to become a second wife,” said Vania on the Gofar Hilman channel on YouTube, quoted […]

Advantages and risks of the new mixed debit-credit cards | My money

Wallets – or now mobile phones – store two types of cards: debit cards, used on a daily basis for regular purchases, and credit cards, saved for emergencies or for expenses that you do not want to pay immediately. However, this trend is going to disappear, despite the fact that consumers do not agree with […]

The Chinese president turned down Biden’s proposal

In a recent telephone conversation, US President Joe Biden offered Chinese President Xi Jinping a summit, but the Chinese leader rejected the offer, offering Washington to soften its rhetoric towards Beijing, the Financial Times reported. The publication refers to sources familiar with the details of the conversation between the two leaders. According to them, during […]

Baby pills are becoming free for women under 25 in France

PHOTO: pixabay France introduces a new health policy on contraception for young women. From next year, birth control pills will be offered free of charge to French women under the age of 25. Examinations, tests and medical procedures related to birth control will also be free of charge. “There is a decline in the use […]

Gordon proposed to rename Ukraine to Russia-1

Photo: Dmitry Gordon proposed to rename Ukraine Gordon clarified that he did not mean the TV channel, but the name of the state. Although Gordon immediately stated that his proposal was a joke. Journalist Dmitry Gordon suggested that the adviser to the head of the President’s Office, Alexei Arestovich, rename Ukraine to Russia-1, and […]

Nintendo Download Thursday in the eShop [02/09]

Big Rumble Boxing, Golf Club Wasteland, Pokémon TV, USAAF MUSTANG and more games came out this week on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Surprisingly, there is only one game pending to come out this time in the eShop from Nintendo Switch, and it’s about Red Square Escape 2 (Kistler Benjamin, $ 44.92 pesos), which will be […]