The European Union proposed a way out of the energy crisis

The EU is betting on nuclear energy – – Ten European countries have expressed confidence that nuclear power will protect European consumers from surges in gas prices. Representatives of ten EU member states are calling for an intensive development of nuclear power to protect against rising energy prices without harming the climate. This is stated […]

Western Europe is waking up. A nuclear exit doesn’t have to be forever

Now, apparently, another turning point is coming. Energy is experiencing an extraordinary crisis and Western Europe is waking up to a reality that many experts – including the German ones – have long warned against. Electricity and gas prices are reaching dizzying heights, leading governments to push for further regulation of the entire sector, which […]

Six Flemish party presidents clash at Voka debate

The party chairmen of CD&V, Open Vld, N-VA, Vlaams Belang, Groen and Vooruit clashed with each other for the first time in ages during a physical debate on Monday evening. That was a lot of work at times. – Bart De Wever, Tom Van Grieken, Joachim Coens, Egbert Lachaert, Meyrem Almaci and Conner Rousseau crossed […]

Extreme, China Uses Nuclear to Exterminate Disease-causing Mosquitoes

BEIJING – Highly acclaimed Chinese researchers have come one step closer to controlling the deadly disease transmitted by mosquito by applying nuclear technology in eradication projects. Quoted from The Globaltimes, Tuesday (31/8/2021), the head of the research team said this is the only modern biological technology that has the potential to eradicate certain mosquitoes in […]

China to build a “clean” nuclear reactor

China will create a “clean” nuclear reactor – – A “clean” reactor does not need water and can be used in desert regions. At the same time, the probability of nuclear waste leakage is minimal. The first “clean” nuclear reactor will be built in China. About it informs LiveScience Monday 26 July. The Chinese nuclear […]

Nuclear power plants will help with bitcoin mining in Ukraine

expert he believesthat miners will help power plants take advantage of current surpluses of electricity. Therefore, last year, the state-owned company Energoatom concluded an agreement with the little-known local company H2 on cooperation in the construction of a data center near the Zaporizhia power plant. According to some sources, it should be one of the […]

Tihange 2 fails again at start-up

Nuclear reactor Tihange 2 will again not supply electricity on Saturday, a few hours after the plant was restarted. A new technical defect has surfaced. – Tihange 2 – good for 1,008 MW – fell Wednesday afternoon for the first time. The reason turned out to be a technical problem in the non-nuclear part of […]

Pentagon Quietly Develops Mini Portable Nuclear Reactor

loading… WASHINGTON – The Pentagon has selected two companies for the development of mini portable nuclear reactors for military use in the field. BWXT Advanced Technologies and X-energy were selected by the Department of Defense’s Office of Strategic Capabilities United States of America (USA) to continue with Project Pele, which seeks to develop a reactor […]

Iran Cold Test Redesigned Arak Nuclear Reactor

loading… TEHERAN – Iran will carry out cold tests on the redesigned Arak nuclear reactor to start its full run later this year. The statement was made by Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization on Friday (19/3). Iranian Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi was quoted by local media as saying the cold test, which usually includes […]