NASA Develops Mini Nuclear Generator for Small Satellites

loading… NASA has green-lighted a Rochester Institute of Technology project to develop a mini-nuclear power source for small satellites, or cubesats. Photo/NewAtlas FLORIDA – NASA has given the green light to a Rochester Institute of Technology project to develop nuclear power source mini for small satellites or cubesat. Most of the satellites in operation today […]

US scientists discover cancer and tumor detectors with nuclear radiation Cerenkov

NEW YORK – Cancer researchers at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City invented the detector cancer and tumors with Cerenkov radiation. Imaging machine prototypes in astrophysics experiments and nuclear reactor will show a bluish light when detecting cancer or tumor. Researchers in Nature Biomedical Engineering on April 11, 2022 said, Cerenkov […]

France Makes Massive Nuclear Bet, Here Are The Details

loading… Smoke rises from a chimney at a nuclear power plant in France. Photo/REUTERS PARIS – French President Emmanuel Macron announced the government would support the construction of six new nuclear reactors across the country. The first nuclear reactor will be operational by 2035, according to Macron. “We must continue the great adventure of civilian […]