Northeastern Artist Crossing the River to Return to the Country of Origin

Jakarta – In 2014, Lim Ji Hyun came to South Korea after running away from North Korea. In the land of Ginseng, Lim Ji Hyun lives as an artist, Mother. However, in 2017, he appeared in a North Korean propaganda video. Quoted from BBC, Lim Ji Hyun appeared wearing traditional Korean clothes with white nuances […]

Bodies lying in the middle of the road, North Korean defectors say Kim Jong Un is like a god who carries out a policy of systematic hunger: it’s common to see corpses on the streets – all pages

Sosok.ID – A defector North Korea recently opened a voice about his country of origin which is far from appropriate. In fact, according to him, the news circulating in the international world was not like the terrible facts that he had experienced while he was still living in North Korea. Even women who started adventures […]

North Korean defectors call Kim Jong Un Dewa who can read minds page all

CHICAGO, – One North Korean defectors revealed, he got the story Kim Jong Un is dewa who can read the minds of its citizens. Yeonmi Park reveals that story, which also tells how it feels to live in a country that is known to be so secret. Park, a 26-year-old girl who is now […]