Baseball: MLB: Atlanta Braves take the lead against Houston Astros

The Atlanta Braves have taken the lead in the World Series and can perfect the Major League Baseball title in front of their own fans. Atlanta | There was a 2-0 win against the Houston Astros. The Braves now lead 2-1 in the series. It takes four wins to win the title. The two upcoming […]

Parchim: A family’s emigrant film thrills cinema audiences

Salima Oudefel and Timo Götz were traveling with their children in Asia for three years. They showed their exciting story in Parchim. The audience was thrilled and amazed at how they coped with life. Parchim | Five-year-old Emilia shifted restlessly on her cinema seat. Apart from her urge to move around, the girl had a […]

100 nations in Schwerin: dancer with roots in Jamaica and New York

Shayna Weintraub from Jamaica wants to transcend conventions and boundaries in the world of contemporary ballet. Schwerin | People from more than 100 different nations live in Schwerin and the surrounding area. Many of them have been with us in Germany for a long time, others only a few weeks. They all have their stories. […]

Favorite piece: Thoralf Rommel is on you and you with the Digedags and Abrafaxe

Thoralf Rommel from Jürgenshagen owns the complete collection of the mosaic. Even grandson Ben can be seen in an issue. Jürgenshagen | Who does not know them, the three goblin-like comic characters Dig, Dag and Digedag. They saw the light of day in 1955. Thoralf Rommel from Jürgenshagen wasn’t even born then. But when he […]

Champions League: Messi against Manchester City back in PSG’s squad

Lionel Messi took part in Paris Saint-Germain’s final training session before the Champions League match against Manchester City after his knee injury. Paris | In a good mood and without any visible impairments, he first completed the warm-up program and then played forms in smaller groups – the first 15 minutes of training were broadcast […]

Hall situation in Rostock: Hardly any alternatives for the Ospa-Arena

At the beginning of 2023, the important sports facility for the clubs could disappear. The city is feverishly looking for alternatives. Rostock | After the announcement by the operator of the Ospa-Arena, ICE Marketing GmbH, that it wanted to convert the sports hall in Rostock’s Tschaikowskistraße, the city is feverishly looking for alternatives for the […]

Bernitt: Municipalities are paying off loans instead of paying penalty interest

Because municipalities in the Bützow-Land office have to pay money for their reserves, they now prefer to pay off loans early. Bernitt | After Baumgarten, Bernitt also wants to get rid of his legacy and repay the sum of 55,788.86 euros to the Rostock district. Six years earlier than agreed years ago. The municipality wants […]

Destruction part 2 on Youtube: Rezo is now attacking the climate policy of the CDU and SPD

The Youtuber Rezo interferes vigorously in the federal election campaign. Two weeks after the video “Destruction Part 1: Incompetence”, he is now looking at the climate catastrophe and the mistakes of the politicians. Hamburg | The Youtuber Rezo recently continued his highly acclaimed “Destruction of the CDU” two years ago. The video “Destruction Part 1: […]