The doctor who said he got a gift from Ayus, Nissa Sabyan’s husband, apologized

Ayus and Nissa Sabyan (Source: Instagram @nissa_sabyan) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The horrendous words of an obstetrician about being given a gift by Nissa Sabyan and Ayus led to a clarification from the doctor. The obstetrician finally revealed the truth. The video posting of an obstetrician’s account was in an uproar after mentioning Ayus’ name as […]

Call Ayus Nissa Sabyan’s husband, this obstetrician gives clarification

Jakarta, Insertlive – An Instagram account owner with the name @indra_obg who is also known as a gynecologist recently made a scene. He uploaded a video containing his thanks to Nissa Sabyan for giving him a gift and called Ayus Nissa’s husband. The video immediately went viral and was widely discussed by netizens. The video […]

Aldi Taher tells of his wife’s anger after creating the song Nissa Sabyan

JAKARTA, – Role artist Aldi Taher confirmed the news that his wife was angry during the song Nissa Sabyan viral on social media. His wife, Salsabillih, felt that Aldi had prioritized others above him. “Yes (angry), he said, ‘why not me first?’,” Said Aldi. Anya Geraldine as the host was curious about the reason […]

It is rumored that the child of Ayus Sabyan is pregnant, Nissa Sabyan’s nose is finally visible, Clarification of Umi’s call that had shocked Ustaz Zacky: It’s a habit – all pages

dock. Tribunnews Nissa Sabyan and Ayus Sabyan GridStar.ID – Divorce Ayus Sabyan and Ririe Fairus some time ago grabbed public attention. The reason is that in the middle of the divorce issue, reports of infidelity arise Nissa Sabyan and Ayus Sabyan. This has been sticking out since the confession of the Ayus family which revealed […]

Attend a relative’s wedding, Nissa Sabyan’s appearance is in the spotlight, netizens: focus on the stomach

Nissa Sabyan attending the wedding ceremony of his partner, Recky and Iin, Saturday (3/4/2021). (Source: Instagram/@oum.picture) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Singer Nissa Sabyan finally appeared in public while attending a relative’s wedding, Saturday (3/4/2021). In the upload on his Instagram Story, Nissa Sabyan appears to re-upload a photo from @ oum.picture. In the photo, Nissa Sabyan […]

What’s up with Nissa Sabyan?

Jakarta – It’s not what’s with love, but what’s with Nissa Sabyan? This is because the vocalist of the band with a lute nuance is still a public conversation. Until now, he has not been willing to open his voice to provide clarification on the issue of the alleged affair with Ayus Sabyan. After reportedly […]

Searched for questions about pregnant Nissa Sabyan, this is her mother’s reaction

Jakarta – Nissa Sabyan Until now, he has not provided any clarification regarding the issue of the alleged affair with Ayus Sabyan. The latest, Nissa Sabyan, is rumored to be marrying Ayus, and even a video of her stroking her stomach is circulating. Then detikcom visited Nissa Sabyan’s residence in the Jatiwaringin area, Pondok Gede, […]

Video of Nissa Sabyan Caressing Viral Belly, Pregnant Gossip First Highlighted by Netizens

Nissa Sabyan and Ayus Sabyan song Sapu Jagat. (Source: JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The video of Nissa Sabyan holding a bulging belly went viral on social media. Moreover, Mbah Mijan’s teasing that she will have a grandchild from Nissa Sabyan. “Alhamdulillah, Mbah will soon have a new grandson from Nissa Sabyan, still happy, my dear,” […]

Nissa Sabyan Caresses Her Belly, Mbah Mijan’s Prediction To Be The Spotlight

Jakarta, Insertlive – The issue of infidelity between Ayus Sabyan and Nissa Sabyan back in the spotlight because Nissa is said to be two -bodied. This news blew loudly after the video when Nissa stroking her stomach went viral on social media. In the video, Nissa is wearing an orange top seemed to be stroking […]