Blocking of the southern railway line extended – Austria –

21.08.2020 22:33 (Akt. 21.08.2020 22:33) The closure of the southern railway line between Mödling and Pfaffstätten as a result of a traffic accident will take longer than originally assumed. The interruption will probably last until the start of operations on Saturday morning due to the extensive clean-up and repair work, the ÖBB announced on Friday […]

AUA strengthens rail connection from Salzburg to Vienna Airport – Economy –

2.07.2020 15:34 (Akt. 2.07.2020 15:40) The Vienna-Salzburg flight connection will be canceled © APA / symbol image If you want to fly from Vienna with the AUA from Salzburg, you will have significantly more options in future to integrate the train journey into your flight. From July 20th, the AUA will offer up to 31 […]

Three Viennese were in short supply – wind difficult rescue – Austria

28.06.2020 10:30 (Akt. 28.06.2020 13:23) The three Viennese had to be saved by the Rax in Lower Austria. © (Subject) On Saturday three young mountaineers from Vienna got into an awkward situation on the Rax in Lower Austria. They accidentally got on an unsecured via ferrata. The trio made an emergency call. Despite the […]

Sewage gas inhaled: Two workers in Lower Austria dead – Austria

26.06.2020 19:44 (Akt. 26.06.2020 19:45) Two men died in an accident, another worker was saved. © WHAT (Sujet) On Friday, two workers in the Mödling district died in the installation of a pump. Two workers were killed on Friday afternoon during the installation of a pump at a hotel in Brunn am Gebirge in the […]

Major deployment after major fire in Ebreichsdorf – Austria

01/12/2020 10:50 (Act. 12.01.2020 11:49) The fire in the apartment building quickly spread to other apartments. © APA (icon image) In Ebreichsdorf, a fire in an apartment building on Saturday afternoon caused the fire service to spend several hours on a large scale. When the helpers arrived, several rooms were already in full fire, according […]