New York: This is how the office restart should succeed after Corona

“The Post-its with the tasks to be done, the chocolates for colleagues, the appointment calendar. I wonder if the things that were left on my desk a year ago are still there. When I went in March 2020 I didn’t take anything with me. I thought I’d be back in a few days: it’s been […]

New York: Controversial luxury district Hudson Yards opens

Panorama Hudson Yards open A luxury neighborhood that New York is wasting billions on Published on 03/13/2019| Reading time: 4 minutes This is the newest tourist attraction in New York “The Edge” is the name of the newest tourist attraction in New York. From next year, visitors will be able to look down on the […]

Diversity of Opinion: The New York Times and a Toxic Commentary

In the guest commentary, “Send the Troops in,” Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton called for a US President-authorized military intervention to end the unrest following the violent police death of George Floyd. The article appeared on June 3, Trump had previously blamed extreme left groups, namely the “Antifa”, for outbreaks of violence. Cotton seconded that […]

Anna Sorokin: The fall of the “false German heiress”

Wow did a destitute migrant succeed in deceiving the upper circles of Manhattan in such a way? What was it about the 25-year-old that fell for hoteliers, Wall Street bankers, art collectors and actors in droves? New York is still a mystery. The allegedly wealthy heiress from near Cologne was extremely self-confident, but neither particularly […]

New York: inventor of the coolest logo doesn’t want any money to this day

City trips New Yorkers with a heart The inventor of the classic logo doesn’t want any money to this day Milton Glaser was in the cab as he scribbled his love letter to New York on an envelope. The logo became a classic and now brings in millions. But its inventor remains humble. Published on […]