Teens Play Soccer Amidst Sudan’s Clashes: Video Sparks Controversy

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented a number of teenagers in Sudan playing football, to the sound of bullets and cannons, during the clashes between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces. The video showed a number of teenagers playing soccer, not interested in what is happening around them, and not afraid of the […]

Mutua Madrileña offers over 3% gross returns for conservative investors

Mutua Madrileña has become one of the entities with the best and most attractive investment proposals for investors with a conservative profile. Given the few opportunities found today in the world of banking, with deposits with returns that barely reach 0.26% In new operations, according to data from the Bank of Spain at the end […]

The aid that holders of a variable rate mortgage can benefit from

The 0.5 points increase in interest rates undertaken by the European Central Bank (ECB) on 15 December was a new setback for mortgages, which saw how the Euribor went from being at negative rates to touch 3% in 2022, such as already reported this newspaper. Although – looking towards 2023 and taking into account that […]

From mortgages to the euro, the effects of the ECB tightening – Economy

The new rate hike decided by the ECB has some immediate consequences, others in the medium term and still others that are difficult to predict. Among the first are the reaction of the markets, the appreciation of the euro and a rise in government bond yields intended to influence investors and increase the outlay on […]

Bank of Italy: mortgage rates jump to 3.23%, slow down deposits – Economy

Rates jump on new mortgages to households in October, following the decisions of the ECB. As can be seen from the tables of the Bank of Italy, interest rates on loans disbursed in the month to households for the purchase of homes including ancillary costs (Annual Effective Global Rate, Taeg) stood at 3.23 per cent […]

Property prices in Kempen and Grefrath remain at a high level

Residential property prices have been falling in many locations since May. This may initially be good news for people who dream of owning their own home. In Kempen and Grefrath, however, property prices are still at a “rather high level”, as Reinhold Kiehstaller, construction finance expert at Volksbank Kempen-Grefrath describes it. “But we also see […]

EY expects more loan defaults and less home loans in 2023

Forecast for 2023 EY analysts assume that more and more individuals and businesses will be unable to repay their loans in the coming year. (Photo: imago/Ikon Images) Frankfurt According to a study, high energy prices and weakening demand will significantly slow down lending in the coming year. Business loans would drop in a particularly marked […]