Russia and Argentina will cooperate in space exploration

(MENAFN – Youm7) Russian media agencies announced that the Supreme Council of the country’s parliament approved a law to ratify a joint cooperation protocol with Argentina in the fields of space exploration for peaceful purposes, and Russia and Argentina signed a space cooperation protocol in Buenos Aires on October 8 last year, Its provisions were […]

In an open letter, the police launched an appeal to the calm and demand mutual respect

The police request not to generalize and not to “transpose” in our country the transpositions little subtle of what is happening elsewhere. Dyears an open letter, the federal and local police to call for “solidarity, serenity and maturity” and demand mutual respect, now that the debate on police violence has also been fueled in Belgium […]

US Attorney General accuses Apple of cooperation with Russia and China :: Politics :: RBC

According to him, the authorities of these countries with the help of Apple are trying to organize large-scale surveillance. Putin’s special envoy said that such statements cause only a condescending smile William Barr (Photo: Alex Brandon / Reuters) US Attorney General William Barr said that Apple does not want to help American law enforcement agencies […]

Glazyev proposed introducing a currency exchange tax in the EAEU :: Economy :: RBC

According to the ex-adviser to the president, stock speculators are to blame for the depreciation of the Russian currency. He suggests “punishing” them with a special tax. Sergey Glazyev (Photo: Andrey Epikhin / TASS) Former Advisor to the President and Minister for Integration and Macroeconomics of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Sergey Glazyev proposed introducing […]

Covid 19, mortgages suspended even without Isee (and for the self-employed)

Installments suspended up to 18 months and without needing to present the ISEE. Not only. The stop to first home loans is also extended to self-employed and professionals. The maximum ceiling of 250 thousand euros. They have been published in Official Journal the new rules for the suspension of the mortgage payment installments due to […]

How Domogarov became the enemy of Marina Alexandrova

It is unlikely that Alexander could have foreseen the consequences of a break with the actress. Male attractiveness and acting doomed Alexander Domogarov to fame, but popularity always has two sides, and one of them was increased attention to the personal life of the artist. Domogarov was married more than once, but his other novels […]

Los Angeles prosecutors filed two new charges against Weinstein :: Society :: RBC

Harassment gate , Jan 06, 23:27 0 Los Angeles Prosecutor charges two new charges against Weinstein Los Angeles Attorneys Prosecute New Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein Reuters. It happened a few hours after the producer has come to the court of New York for the first hearing in his case. According to the Los Angeles Prosecutor’s […]

Trump promised to complete trade negotiations with China :: Politics :: RBC

December 13 Trump reportedthat Beijing and Washington were able to agree on the first phase of a trade deal. According to him, the Chinese side agreed to structural changes, bulk purchases of agricultural products, energy, industrial goods, and “much more.” At the same time, China and the United States agreed to waive the mutual duties, […]