Continental rebuilt the classic VW T2 into the retro-futuristic AMBIENC3 concept

Continental is best known as a supplier of technological solutions and a manufacturer of tires, yet it boasted its own concept in Munich. The basis of the electric concept called AMBIENC3 has become the iconic Volkswagen T2, which at first glance attracts with its distinctive painting and special Continental tires worn on retro rims. Inside, […]

Mercedes-Benz has indicated the uncertain future of its station wagons and convertibles

Practical station wagons have the same enemy as the MPV, but stylish convertibles or coupats are also at risk. During the ongoing IAA 2021 Munich Motor Show, Markus Schäfer, Mercedes-Benz’s Chief Operating Officer, told colleagues in the British magazine Autocar that the carmaker was solving the future of station wagons in the electric era, which […]

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class arrives in a more off-road version of the Professional

In addition to a number of new electric cars, Mercedes-Benz also presented at the Munich Motor Show the famous G-Class off-road vehicle in a version for the new model year and with special Professional equipment. As part of the modernization for the new model year, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class received a new Professional exterior trim line, […]

IAA 2021: Mercedes-Benz EQE live for the first time. It’s an EQS washed to sixty

Mercedes is exhibiting some interesting innovations at the Munich Motor Show. I was most impressed by the EQE, similar to the electric class E, and an almost perfect miniature of the flagship EQS. Electric car Mercedes-Benz EQS we could see the Cars on the embankment. Live looks really interesting and its shapes are by no […]

Mercedes-Benz has introduced the electric class E, EQE promises a range of up to 660 km

The compact sedan will match forces with competitors such as the Tesla Model S, the BMW i4 or the upcoming Audi A6 e-tron. During the ongoing IAA Motor Show in Munich, Mercedes-Benz presented a purely electric E-Class representative, who received the traditional EQE designation. With its design, the novelty is significantly similar to the more […]

IAA 2021 Live: Hyundai in Europe will also end up with internal combustion engines

Hyundai’s press conference at the Munich Motor Show was held in the spirit of pure mobility and carbon neutrality. Hyundai wants to become carbon neutral by 2045. You probably already know that this is not entirely good news for fans of internal combustion engines. By 2035, it intends to sell only zero-emission vehicles in Europe. […]