A famous athlete drowned on a legendary beach

SEE OUR PAGE BOOKMAKERS HERE! The famous Brazilian surfer Marcio Freire – Mad Dog drowned in the legendary beach of Nazare in Portugal. The place is known for having the biggest waves in the world and for years has been the center of top surfers trying to break surfing records. Winbet – the real thrill […]

Our star dropped a big personal bomb on the Christmas PHOTO

SEE OUR PAGE BOOKMAKERS HERE! Bulgarian alpine skiing star Albert Popov congratulated his social media followers on Christmas and at the same time announced big news for 2023. Winbet – the real thrill of victory! (18+) From the publication of the 25-year-old skier, it is clear that he will become a father in the spring. […]

A famous athlete who created something unprecedented for Bulgaria has died

SEE OUR PAGE BOOKMAKERS HERE! Bulgaria has lost a man who made his mark on mountaineering. Mountaineer Volodya Lobodin has died at the age of 93, BNR reported. On 15 February 1949, he and Alexander Belkovski – Belkata made the first winter ascent of the emblematic north face of Mount Vihren, which became a classic […]

Your hat will fall off! See the heavenly place where Niki Mihailov took Nikoleta VIDEO

SEE OUR PAGE BOOKMAKERS HERE! Levski goalkeeper Nikolay Mihailov and his sweetheart Nicoleta Lozanova have finally revealed where they will be spending their holidays. The couple once again bet on the Seychelles and shared unique footage from one of the country’s 155 islands in the Indian Ocean. Winbet – the largest variety of markets! (18+) […]

An emblematic figure for Dupnitsa has died

One of the most emblematic footballers and coaches in Marek Dimitar Kukov’s history has died at the age of 87. The tragic news was announced by the management of the Dupnish club. FC Marek expressed its sincere condolences to Dimitar Kukov’s family and relatives. Winbet – the real thrill of winning! (18+) “We are deeply […]

Pregnant Zlatka moved into a property for 1 million BGN PHOTO

VISIT THE Blitz WORLD CUP 2022 PAGE – HERE! Former football half Zlatka Raykova has moved into a property worth nearly BGN one million, claims ‘Gallery’. The apartment is furnished according to the latest fashion. There are no ordinary souvenirs, figurines and paintings in the house for decoration, and each item is valued at a […]

They hanged a wrestler, the same awaits a footballer!

VISIT THE Blitz WORLD CUP 2022 PAGE – HERE! A former wrestler has been hanged in Iran, caught participating in protests in memory of Mahsa Amini, and the same sentence for a 26-year-old footballer. The whole world has been talking about the case of the 22-year-old girl since September. Recall that Amini was killed by […]

New scandal in Qatar! They threaten the families of football players with torture

VISIT THE Blitz WORLD CUP 2022 PAGE – HERE! A new scandal erupted at the World Cup in Qatar after CNN revealed that the families of Iran’s national soccer team were allegedly threatened with torture if they did not ‘behave properly’ during World Cup matches. The team defiantly did not sing the national anthem in […]

The world shuddered, a wanted radical terrorist arrived in Qatar

VISIT THE Blitz WORLD CUP 2022 PAGE – HERE! A major scandal is about to erupt at the 2022 World Cup. A few hours before the start of the World Cup, al-Qaeda issued an ominous warning and raised suspicions of an imminent attack on the largest football forum. Now the World Cup hosts have made […]