Surprising discovery of unusual mummy, whole body bound

Peru – a mummy in unusual circumstances it was found at an archaeological site of Cajamarquilla, near the Peruvian capital, Lima. The mummy is in good condition and was tracked by researchers from the National University of San Marcos. As quoted detikINET from CNN, the mummy was tied all over his body with ropes, then […]

7 Most Mysterious Ancient Manuscripts That Haven’t Been Solved Until Now

JAKARTA – Ancient manuscripts written from hundreds to thousands of years ago can reveal a lot about ancient cultures if translated successfully. Unfortunately, not all of the manuscripts were successfully deciphered by archaeologists to find out the meaning contained in them. Some of the manuscripts have utterly baffled archaeologists and other scientists, while others have […]

Why does this mummy have a screaming expression? Scientist Tells the Secret

Illustration of a mummy. (pixabay/albertr) – Found mummy with facial expressions screaming at the 1881 precepts at the Royal Cachette Deir El-Bahari. How this mummy had such an expression had been a secret for many years. After being a mystery for a long time, finally the secret of this mummy was revealed by the […]

The discovery of ancient coffins in Egypt, containing mummies of nobles and priests – Antiquities Council Egypt announced 100 discoveries ancient coffin which in it contains several mummy. The chests were found at Pharaoh’s cemetery on the south side of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. Quoted from, Sunday (11/15/2020) the discovery of the coffins was presented by the Egyptian Antiquities Council on Saturday (11/14/2020). Apart from […]

Egypt exhibits ancient and mummified coffin finds

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Egyptian authorities announced the findings of at least 100 coffin some of the chests had mummified contents. Also found about 40 gold-plated statues in the southern pharaonic necropolis, the capital city of Cairo, Egypt. The colorful Sacrophagus and the statues buried more than 2,500 years ago were exhibited on Saturday, November 14, […]

Egypt Finds 59 Ancient Coffins Again 2,500 Years Old, Here Is Their Contents … Page all

SAQQARA, – The archaeologists on Egypt said, on Saturday (3/10/2020) they found 59 coffin ancient well-preserved and buried more than 2,500 years ago. After one sarcophagus Ornately decorated with classic ornaments, the team of inventors uncovers the remains mummy still wrapped in burial cloths inscribed with hieroglyphs in bright colors. The historic artifact was […]