Marquez Intends to Refuse to Accept Salary in 2020, Honda …

Jakarta – Marc Marquez reportedly offered not to be paid in 2020 due to prolonged injury. Honda appreciated Marquez’s intention, but did not approve of it. The Repsol Honda racer is a surprise after signing a long-term contract until 2024 at the beginning of last year. However, Marquez missed most of it MotoGP 2020 due […]

Marc Marquez Admits Wrong, Now How Does Honda Move?

Jakarta – Marc Marquez already pleaded guilty. He acted rashly. What’s still waiting is how his team, Repsol Honda, have to step up. His mistake, as admitted by Marc Marquez, was a rash step he had taken in MotoGP 2020. That was because he wanted to rush back to the track and race again, even […]

Miguel Oliveira, Champion Trophy, and his beloved brother candidate wife

Jakarta – It’s beautiful MotoGP 2020 for Miguel Oliveira. Even though he only finished ninth in the world championship standings, he closed the season with his second championship trophy in his own country too! He is even happier because he is accompanied by his beloved younger brother who is also his future wife. Miguel Oliveira […]

Anticlimax of Joan Mir, Motorbike Even Crashes After World Champion

Jakarta – Joan Mir, world champion MotoGP 2020, unable to end the season with an ideal. After consistently earned points, at MotoGP Portugal the motorbike actually crashed. There were no additional points for the Suzuki Ecstar rider in the race at Portimao, Sunday (22/11/2020) evening WIB. Joan Mir didn’t even finish the race. At the […]

Ducati Constructors World Champion, End Honda-Yamaha Duopoly

Jakarta – Success Ducati world champion constructor MotoGP 2020 as well as ending the hegemony of Honda and Yamaha which for a dozen years gave rise to the title duopoly. Ducati managed to ensure the world title in the manufacturing sector after MotoGP Portugal 2020, the final series of the season, at Portimao, Sunday (23/11/2020) […]

MotoGP 2020 Final Standings: Franco Morbidelli Runner-up

Portimao – MotoGP 2020 finished as the completion of the race in Portugal. The following is the final standings of the riders MotoGP 2020. On MotoGP Portugal which was held at Autodromo Algavre, Portimao, Sunday (11/22/2020) evening WIB, Miguel Oliveira won it after smoking Jack Miller and Franco Morbidelli. Oliveira successfully won her second race […]

Fierce, Miller Outperformed Oliveira & Rins

Jakarta – Free Practice 3 (FP3) MotoGP Portugal 2020 fierce at the end. Jack Miller finally recorded the fastest time, ahead of Miguel Oliveira and Alex Rins. At the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, Portimão, Saturday (21/11/2020), the competition for the sharpest time in this training session was especially intense towards the end. [Gambas:Twitter] Miguel Oliveira, […]

Legendary Suzuki racer talks about champions without Marc Marquez page all – Suzuki’s legendary racer, Marco Lucchinelli, speaks up about the champions in his absence Marc Marquez. On MotoGP the 2020 season, Marc Marquez’s dominance did not appear after he suffered a serious injury. The six times world champion in the MotoGP class has suffered from injuries since the first series. He then has to […]