“Al-Shabab Club President Cheers Up Players in Light-Hearted Moment Ahead of Match”

Al-Shabab club president Khaled Al-Baltan appeared joking with team player Meteb Al-Harbi in their own way. And a video clip showed Al-Baltan joking with player Miteb Al-Harbi while saluting him, while the latter laughed. The youth team finished, this evening, Wednesday, its preparations for its upcoming match against Al-Ittihad tomorrow, Thursday, in the 24th round […]

“New Leaked Details on Apple’s Reality One Mixed Reality Headset”

Sources from within the American company, “Apple”, clarified new details and leaks regarding its upcoming “Mixed Reality” headset. And it is one of the most prominent leaks that were confirmed by sources within “Apple”; Is that the new “mixed reality” headphones, which will be called “Reality One” from “Apple”; It will be supported by an […]

FIFA Takes New Step in Hamdallah’s Complaint Against Al-Nassr

Today, Saturday, the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) took a new step in the complaint submitted by Moroccan Abdel Razzak Hamdallah; Al-Ittihad striker, against his former club, Al-Nassr. According to journalist Alaa Saeed, the day witnessed the arrival of the reasons for this ruling from the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber. It is worth noting […]

“Al-Hilal Striker Salem Al-Dosari Shows Legendary Skill with Heel-Kick Goal”

Al-Hilal striker Salem Al-Dosari grabbed the attention of the social media pioneers after he manipulated Al-Nasr club’s defense, and goalkeeper Nawaf Al-Aqidi skipped it and played it with heels in a skillful manner, as this is only implemented by the legendary stars. Salem Al-Dosari’s kick with his heel sparked an interaction in the sports community, […]

Sports Journalist Hassan Al-Sabhan’s Expectations for Al-Nasr vs Al-Hilal Match

The sports journalist known as the king of expectations, Hassan Al-Sabhan, revealed his expectations about the match that will be held between Al-Nasr and Al-Hilal teams. “Al-Sabhan” said that the percentage of victory over Al-Hilal is zero percent, while the percentage of victory for Al-Hilal team is one billion percent, adding that Al-Nassr was too […]

Release of Several Royal Decrees

Today, a number of royal decrees were issued, the texts of which are as follows:Number: A / 347Date: 9/11/1444 AHWith the help of God AlmightyWe are Salman bin Abdulaziz Al SaudKing of the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAfter reviewing the Basic Law of Governance, issued by Royal Decree No. (A / 90) dated 8/27/1412 AH.And after […]

Employees’ leave on Eid Al-Fitr announced by “Health”

The Ministry of Health announced a circular that includes leave for Saudi and non-Saudi employees during the Eid Al-Fitr holiday. The ministry stated that the leave for Saudi employees on the civil service system and self-employment programs will start at the end of working hours on Thursday corresponding to April 13, provided that work resumes […]