Son of Kiai Jombang, Suspected of Obscenity, Surrendered to Police

Jombang, CNN Indonesia — Child kiai Jombang the suspect in the case molestation female student, Moch Subchi Azal Tsani (MSAT) alias Bechi (42), surrendered on Thursday (7/7) night. MSAT is reportedly on its way to the East Java Regional Police. This was revealed by the East Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Pol Nico Afinta. […]

Dozens of People Arrested After Preventing Arrest of Kiai Jombang’s Son

Jakarta – Police forces surrounded the Ponpes Shiddiqiyyah Jombang to forcibly pick up the DPO for the molestation case of Moch Subchi Azal Tsani (MSAT) alias Mas Bechi (42). A group of people resisted when the police tried to force it, until finally dozens of people who were obstructing the arrest process were arrested. Reported […]

This is the look of Bechi’s son, Kiai Jombang, who is on the run for an obscenity case

Jakarta – Moch Subchi Azal Tzani alias Mas Bechi has not been arrested by the police. Suspect suspected case molestation against the santriwati was protected by her father who is also the caretaker of the Shiddiqiyyah Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes), KH Muhammad Mukhtar Mukthi. Mas Bechi has been a fugitive since January 2022. The police’s […]

Kidnappers of 12 Children in Bogor Abuse 3 Victims, Allegedly Having Deviant Sex

Jakarta – Police are still investigating The motive for the kidnapping of 12 children in Bogor, Jakarta, and South Tangerang, Rizal Afif (28). From the results of the preliminary examination, the police said: there are three victims who were molested by the perpetrator. Head of Criminal Investigation Unit at the Bogor Resort Police, AKP Siswo […]

Barbie Kumalasari Becomes a Lawyer for the Accused of Sexual Abuse in Depok

Depok – A Koran teacher in Depok, MMS (69), was charged with molested 10 female students. In this trial, artist Barbie Kumalasari served as MMS lawyer. The trial took place at the Depok District Court with the agenda of reading the indictment. The artist Barbie Kumalasari was seen sitting in the chair of the legal […]

Chronology of Ngaji Teachers in Pangalengan Bandung Cabuli 12 Students

Bandung, CNN Indonesia — A Koran teacher with the initials S alias Ustad SS allegedly committed abuse sexual to dozens of students in Pangalengan, Kabupaten Bandung. Currently, the 39-year-old man has been arrested by the Bandung Police Satreskrim. Bandung Police Chief, Kombes Kusworo Wibowo, said that the disclosure of the case began with the victim’s […]

Police Reveal Causes of Siomai Builders in South Jakarta Escape After Child Abuse

Jakarta – Husni alias Kusni alias Tebet (38) managed to escape after molested 6 year old boy in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta. Police reveal The wandering siomai maker fled after being visited by the victim’s family. “The victim had reported to her parents and at that time her parents met the perpetrator, because there was something, […]

Teenagers Prostitution at Central Jakarta Hotel, Some Arrested Doing Obscene

Jakarta – Police arrested 15 people in connection with the case online prostitution involving minors. Some of them were arrested while committing obscenity. “We have arrested several BO women who are still underage, Jockey and several people who were caught red-handed are suspected of being / have committed obscene acts with the victim being a […]