3G Signal Disappearance is a Necessity

Jakarta – Indonesian mobile father who is also a Member of the National Information and Communication Technology Council (Wantiknas) Garuda Sugardo said that the network switch 3G the 4G is a sure thing in the development of cellular technology. Garuda Sugardo is an early witness to the development of the Indonesian telecommunications industry to date. […]

8 Easy Ways to Strengthen Cell Phone Signal

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — There are times when the signal on the cellphone slows down, aka slow. When the cell phone signal is slow, of course it becomes an obstacle to communicate. To overcome this, see how to strengthen cell phone signal which can be followed. Network or signal WL (hp) that is bad can […]

This is the Best Indonesian Cellular Operator According to OpenSignal

Jakarta – OpenSignala company that analyzes global mobile cellular services, has just released a new report regarding best mobile operatorincluding in Indonesia. In Global Mobile Network Awards 2022directly compares the quality of the mobile network experience of existing operators from around the world. The report is based on measurements across six categories, video experience, game […]