These are the new presenters of ‘The warmest week’

New approach, new faces. De Warmste Week will also look very different this year. How exactly, the VRT announced on Tuesday. But the banners are already known: Gloria Monserez (20), Kawtar Ehlalouch (24) and St├ęphan Tanganagba (23). With these three names, the solidarity action of the public broadcaster continues to focus on broadening and rejuvenating. […]

Lotte Vanwezemael digs deep into the sex life of BVs again

Sexologist Lotte Vanwezemael (29) has started a second season of her podcast Lotte goes deep. In it she asks famous Flemish people about love, sex, friendship and relationships. The podcast can be listened to every Monday on and in the MNM app. On July 5, Vanwezemael will talk to comedienne Serine Ayari, followed by […]