Lithium is an opportunity, the Czechia does not have to stay with the assembly, believes Špicar from the Confederation of Industry and Transport – ČT24 – Czech Television

The memorandum between the Ministry of Industry and Trade and ČEZ on support for a factory for batteries for electric vehicles was approved by the government on Monday. The expected investment in the first phase is over fifty billion crowns. According to the ministry, several investors showed interest, including the German Volkswagen and the Korean […]

1 billion Russians create a communications platform to compete with Cisco and Avaya

04/06/2020, Mon, 20:55, Moscow time , Text: Denis Voeikov Domestic company through subsidies from the Ministry of Industry and Trade own funds will develop and organize the production of a corporate platform unified communications with the predominant use of Russian component base. Billion on the platform communication As CNews, the Russian developer of electronics and […]

Ministry of industry and trade stands for tax holidays – Business – Kommersant

The Ministry of Industry and Trade supported small and medium-sized businesses by proposing to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin a six-year delay in paying VAT, a vacation for servicing bank loans, and in the case of quarantine, not to close grocery stores, including non-chain stores. Kommersant publishes the entire list of measures drawn up by the […]