Legal residents protest because they were not allowed to vote in NY

Before anyone could vote, a state Supreme Court judge blocked plans for New York City’s legal residents before naturalizing US citizens to elect their mayor and other city officials. The 1867 legislative proposal, known as Our City, Our Votepassed in the City Council in December and signed into law by Mayor Adams in January, was […]

Colombians from NYC vote in their country’s presidential election

Colombians residing in New York are preparing for the presidential elections of the South American country, to be held this Sunday, May 29. Every day I have the opportunity to see different news through international portals and follow up on all the candidates, the proposals and how it goes,” says Joan Sebastian Castaño, a Colombian […]

CUNY celebrates 25 years of its free CITIZENSHIP NOW!

Entities for the rights of immigrants from the city of New York and the CUNY university system gathered to provide individualized immigration guidance and celebrate 25 years of the free program: CITIZENSHIP NOW! Allan Werrnick, director of CUNY Citizenship Now!, pointed out in this regard: “We are happy to be the largest citizenship event in […]

CUNY celebrates 25 years of its campaign: Citizenship NOW!

The University System of the City of New York (CUNY) will conduct another campaign at the end of April to help immigrants complete and submit applications for United States citizenship, free of charge. This time marks the 25th anniversary of CUNY carrying out this campaign, which bears the title of Citizenship NOW! and with which […]

Vice President Borrero visits the Ecuadorian consulate in NYC

Alfredo Enrique BorreroVice President of Ecuador visited New York and NY1 News had the opportunity to talk in depth with the president. The vice president indicated that the main objective of his visit to Washington and New York had been to mobilize citizen awareness to promote the progress made in Ecuador in the face of […]

They threaten to leave New York: ‘A Day Without Immigrants’

Activists from the pro-immigrant organization NICE (New Immigrant Community Empowerment) are already preparing their banners to join, this February 14, the demonstrations of A Day Without Immigrants. Aracelis Marmolejo, a NICE activist, spoke about it: “We think they should listen to us so that they really realize what our needs are.” Immigrants make protest banners. […]