Micheille Soifer: Why did you delete all your photos from Instagram? That and other revelations in an exclusive interview This is war ballads Monumental Music América TV | LIGHTS

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Shows: This is War: Michelle Soifer announced that Giuseppe Benignini is leaving d

Updated 08/23/2020 at 6:12 PM Michelle Soifer and your partner Giuseppe Benignini They are going through a great moment in their relationship, however they will have to separate for a while because the Venezuelan model will have to leave the country due to a requirement from the company where they work. LEE: 13 DECEASED IN […]

Michelle Soifer is sad because Giuseppe Benigni is leaving

Editor: The popular23 Ago 2020 | 7:40 h The warrior Michelle Soifer announced with some regret that his current partner Giuseppe Benigni he will have to travel abroad for a work issue, although he does not know when he will return to her. “The modeling agency that works with him is going to take him […]

Shows: This is War: Gian Piero Díaz trolled Michelle Soifer and her agency

Updated 08/20/2020 at 3:11 PM In the August 19 issue of ‘This is war’, Gian Piero Diaz did not hesitate to troll Michelle Soifer with her ex-partners and reminded her of the way the popular ‘Michi’ supported them and that she even seemed ‘Soifer employment agency’ unleashing the laughter of all the members of the […]

Rosángela Espinoza and Michelle Soifer had a strong fight on the scene of Dale play

The competitors staged a discussion of Reina Pachas and Charito de AFHS. The rivalry between Michelle Soifer and Rosángela Espinoza surprised all his teammates when they both had to star in a strong fight during “Dale play” performance challenge. ➤ Look: Michelle Soifer and Karen Dejo moved with sensual dance in “Dale play” Fernando Armas, […]

Jazmín Pinedo threw a strong mitt at Michelle Soifer and she passed out

“China, I thought we had gotten over it,” Michi said while in the middle of the set. It was accidentally! Jasmine Pinedo he threw a strong mitt at Michelle Soifer when the driver tried to throw the rubber glove at Gian Piero Díaz, but inadvertently fell to the warrior. How did you react? ➤ Look: […]

celebrate Giuseppe Benignini’s birthday with an exchange [VIDEO]

Editor: The popular27 Jun 2020 | 22:22 h Michelle Soifer shocked her followers by holding a big celebration for her partner Giuseppe Benignni on her birthday, however, the celebration was overshadowed with all the brands labeled above every detail. Through Instagram, the popular ‘Sol’ recorded every snack and decoration she received for the special day […]