The Gulf of Thessaloniki has turned black! Fill up with …

The waters of the Gulf of Thessaloniki were filled with dead mice, said Charles Hintiroglu, a professor in the Department of Biology at the University of Thessaloniki.Labor“. The professor explains the appearance of dead rodents with the overflow of the city’s sewage system during the torrential rain last Tuesday afternoon (14/6). It has happened several […]

Covid-19 and vaccination in animals | Opinion

The application of vaccines to animals of high reproductive value or in danger of extinction that are in zoos, is a preventive measure that, if successful, will provide another way of protecting valuable animals and humans. – Shortly after the appearance of pneumonia cases associated with SARS-CoV-2 at the end of 2019, it was suggested […]

CIMA manages to prevent the reappearance of the most aggressive breast cancer in mice

Pamplona – It is estimated that every year 1,500 Spanish women treated for breast cancer suffer from the reappearance of the tumor in the breast itself or in nearby lymph nodes, despite surgical removal and the application of radiotherapy to eliminate any remaining tumor. Scientists from the CIMA University of Navarra, in collaboration with specialists […]

In Chicago, cats are hired en masse

Фото: Getty Images Cats are hired in Chicago because of the rat invasion – – Cats help local entrepreneurs cope with rodent infestations. And some of the “employees” are only required to eat and sleep. In the American city of Chicago, the owners of establishments en masse arrange cats to work. The reason was that […]

a sustainable, safe and unique destination

Who else, who less, can we want to make up for lost time, to have it all again. At the same time, we also remember how important it is to preserve our environment and find safe spaces. We want to be effective, give everything in our projects to achieve success, but we have also learned […]

Zurich promises “insider tips” for event planners

With the “Zurich Plus” series of events, Zurich Tourism aims to bring the organizers to the periphery in late summer and autumn. Zurich Tourism invites professional organizers to take part in special journeys of discovery to Winterthur, Baden, Rapperswil and Zug in the late summer and autumn of this year. The participants should be able […]

Dogs and their owners make controversial mouse hunts in New York

They are eight people, dog lovers, who go with their faithful dogs prowling the streets of New York. Everything happens on a Friday night, keeping in mind a clear objective: hunt and kill as many rats as possible, precisely in one of the cities with the most public presence of these rodents. Dogs, mostly terriersThey […]