Liga MX and Facebook launch 36 filters on social networks for you to support

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 16.04.2021 16:01:16 The Liga MX Y Facebook have joined forces to launch 36 filters from Augmented reality, in order that Mexican soccer fans can show off their passion for your favorite team on social media. Filters will be available in both Facebook like in Instagram, and will be able to […]

Ricardo Gareca defends Liga MX: In Argentina we say nonsense

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 04.03.2021 11:25:19 Ricardo Gareca, strategist of the Selection of Peru, went out to the Mexican soccer defense, by ensuring that in the Liga MX a is practiced quality soccer; He even suggested ignoring the constant attacks by Argentine communicators who try to minimize Aztec football. And is that Gareca, of […]

Chivas. Isaác Brizuela celebrates 350 games in Liga MX

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 30.01.2021 19:05:48 Holiday for Isaác Brizuela, because this Saturday before FC Juárez, the rojiblanco offensive will celebrate 350 games in Liga MX, competition in which he debuted on July 26, 2009 with Toluca before Chivas. The Rabbit It has become an element of great importance in the rojiblanco team, since […]

Ricardo La Volpe declared innocent for the 2nd time in the Belén Coronado case

Good news for the Argentine legal situation, Ricardo Antonio La Volpe, since a judge in Zapopan, Jalisco gave him the freedom car in the case against the podiatrist of Chivas, Bethlehem Coronado. Contrary to what had been said, that an arrest warrant and legal process would be issued For alleged sexual harassment, the Argentine was […]

Blue Cross. Santiago Giménez: At first the surname weighed a bit

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 20.08.2020 21:53:37 A Santiago Gimenez It was hard on him at the beginning of his career to carry the surname, due to the long and successful career of his father, Christian “Chaco” Giménez. However, the current forward of Blue Cross, that already he has three goals in the first team, […]

Pachuca announces Pocho Guzmán and Leo Ramos for Guard1anes 2020

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 20.08.2020 20:54:42 After Pachuca made known that Victor Guzman He was enabled to join the Tuzos, after eight months for having tested positive in an anti-doping control for an alkaloid, the Hidalgo citizens presented Pocho this Friday through his Twitter account, to reinforce the team in the Guard1anes 2020. But […]

Tigers Nahuel Guzmán tested positive for coronavirus again

Jorge Rosales Monterrey, Nuevo Leon / 20.08.2020 23:09:53 Gustavo Galindo placeholder image will have another chance at Tigers this Saturday against Pumas on Day 6, since the three goalkeepers who were isolated again tested positive for the COVID-19. A source inside the club confirmed to Mediotiempo that Nahuel Guzman and Alan Flores they gave again […]

Scratched. Urdiales suggests bringing comedians to get out of the pothole

Jessika Méndez Monterrey / 21.08.2020 12:58:34 Rayados is currently in a slump in the League which has lasted all year, they only have one win so far in 2020 and although the Guard1anes tournament is where they again tasted the taste of victory, Antonio Mohamed’s team does not lift; before this, the former club president, […]

America. Piojo Herrera seeks that players do not fall into distractions

Enrique Martinez Villar Mexico City / 21.08.2020 14:37:07 Miguel Herrera He is aware that his team can give more despite the fact that it is the leader of the tournament, and it is that distractions have been the great sin of his Eagles during some games such as it was against Querétaro, where they were […]

Puebla. Picas Becerril is taken to hospital after fainting

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 21.08.2020 15:10:25 This morning the alarms went off on Puebla after Octavio Becerril suffered a blackout during the club’s practice prior to his trip to Tijuana to face the game corresponding to Day 6 of Liga MX. Juan Reynoso’s assistant he was rushed from the emergency room to a hospital […]