February 8 Becomes the Peak of the α-Centaurid meteor shower

JAKARTA, iNews.id – There are various celestial phenomena that will occur throughout February 2021. One of them is meteor Rain α-Centaurid or Alpha Centaurid. Rain meteor This has actually been active since January 28 to February 21 with the peak point of the meteor shower occurring on February 8, 2021. What is this natural phenomenon […]

Missed to See Geminid Meteor Showers? Look here

Liputan6.com, Jakarta – Monday December 14 2020 is the day the event occurs meteor Rain Geminid. The event is called the largest and brightest in the world. In Indonesia, Geminid meteor shower occurs during the afternoon before the afternoon. However, in some countries, Geminid meteor showers occur at night and are easier to observe. Astronomers […]

December’s Spectacular Skies, There are Meteor Showers and a Total Solar Eclipse

Jakarta – The Covid pandemic dominates 2020. But the view of the sky at the end of this year promises spectacular events. December offers awe-inspiring views that most people can enjoy from home, even without the need for a telescope or expensive equipment. Two planets into one, the most beautiful meteor shower and a total […]

October Sky Phenomenon, Orionids Meteor Rain, New Moon to Blue Moon, Record the Date!

LUMAJANG NEWS – Entering the middle of October, after the excitement with the Lintang Kemukus or comet phenomenon, the Indonesian sky will be enlivened with amazing phenomena to witness. Peak meteor Rain will take place on October 21, 2020 with the highest intensity, which is 15 meteors per hour. Meanwhile, the Blue Moon phenomenon will […]