Two species of fish, a health hazard

Health specialists have targeted two types of fish that can be found in stores in Romania: salmon and pangasius, respectively the most expensive and cheapest fish. Mercury and lead were found in the analysis. Although it is part of the luxury food category, our salmon on the market is generally the one that is artificially […]

They found excess mercury in the blood of Dilyana Popova VIDEO

The beautiful model Dilyana Popova revealed that a recent study found an accumulation of mercury in her body. The reason was the huge amount of fish and seafood that the actress consumes. Here is what Asen Blatechki’s partner wrote on Instagram: “I took a blood test a month ago and realized that the presence of […]

Restrictions on Eating for Pregnant Women, Avoid Consuming Half-Cooked Foods – On time pregnancy, nutritional intake for pregnant women is an important thing to note. In this case, a healthy and balanced nutritional intake is needed by pregnant women to keep the body healthy, including helping the development of the fetus in it. That way, the pregnancy period can last well until the delivery […]

Don’t Miss, Today’s Late Rainy Moon Phenomenon and the West Elongation of Mercury – There are two phenomena that decorate the Indonesian sky from this morning, afternoon, until tomorrow morning. Two celestial phenomenon it’s a phase month final bandage at descending knot and maximum west elongation mercury. Researcher at the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space Science Center ( Eight), Andi Pangerang, in his written statement on […]

Humans are on a date with the “Planetary Dance Around the Sun”

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" And it will be a planet Flower AndMercury Bright enough that they can be seen in the morning, while they will be easy to see Mars And the buyer andNeptune AndSaturn At night, according to the website "CNN" American. When the sun sets tonight (Saturday), it will be possible to […]

Before reaching Mercury, a probe took a peculiar photo of Earth

Cape Canaveral – A space probe flying toward Mercury circled near Earth on Friday on its way to the smallest and inner planet in the solar system. Launched a year and a half ago, the European-Japanese probe BepiColumbo passed 12,700 kilometers from Earth. The closest approach occurred over the South Atlantic and telescopes in Chile […]

The BepiColombo probe, en route to Mercury, will graze the Earth at dawn

In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, the European Space Agency is preparing to fly over the Earth with the BepiColombo probe en route to Mercury. Explanations from Agnes Montagnon, French manager at ESA and responsible for Flight Operations from BepiColombo to Mercure at the European Space Operations Center in Darmstadt at ESA (Esoc). It […]

BepiColombo spacecraft: Mercury probe swings around the earth one last time

But the Prestige project of the BepiColombo spacecraft is already underway in space since October 2018. The mission is being carried out jointly by ESA and the Japanese space agency JAXA. Your destination is Mercury, the innermost planet closest to the sun in our solar system. A crazy trip The crazy thing about the trip […]