FHI expects that coronary heart disease will increase in the future

– We believe that there will be an increase in infection, and the Delta variant will play a role. In addition, it will play a role that you have more mobility in society. People have more social contact, move more and travel more, both out of Norway and inland, Stoltenberg says to NTB. – Is […]

Biden: Misinformation about covid-19 and vaccines kills

– It takes the lives of people. The only pandemic we have is among those who have not been vaccinated, Biden told reporters at the White House on Friday. The White House is increasing the pressure on social media, especially Facebook, to clean up the spread of what the authorities refer to as misinformation about […]

Record number of corona deaths in Russia | ABC News

The health authorities also reported 25,982 new cases of infection. The daily number of new infections has risen from around 9,000 in early June to over 23,000 in early July. The authorities believe that the main cause of the sharp increase in infection is the delta virus. In addition, many Russians are skeptical about getting […]

Corona infection increases in Myanmar | ABC News

The number of infected people has increased sharply since mid-May, at the same time as there is a great shortage of oxygen. Under Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar recovered fairly well through the second wave of infections in August last year through strict closure, travel restrictions and the isolation of Yangon. Suu Kyi was constantly […]

New infection record in Cuba | ABC News

6,422 cases were registered on Friday, along with 28 deaths. The record is set on the same day as the Cuban medical authorities approved the first of five self-produced vaccines. About half of the new cases are in the province of Matanzas, where the tourist destination Varadero is located. The infection has increased slowly but […]

More than 700,000 questions await Putin

The program, known as the “Direct Line with Vladimir Putin”, is an annual marathon broadcast where Russians can send their questions directly to the president by email, text message or even call directly. Several radio and TV channels broadcast the event live. Questions about the pandemic seem to be a dominant theme during this year’s […]

212 new corona infections registered last 24 hours – rising infection trend

In the last seven days, an average of 181 corona infections have been registered per day. The corresponding average seven days ago was 173, so the trend is rising. On Monday, 108 corona infections were registered the previous day, which was 12 more than the same day last week. At midnight on Tuesday night, 5.9 […]

Delta can become dominant – NIPH not worried

As of 15 June, there were 139 cases detected in Norway, all related to a few outbreaks with little spread. – We do not know how the Delta variant will develop in Norway. The incidence is low and it has not yet increased dramatically. And even if it should become dominant in Norway at the […]

2,000 gathered at St. Hanshaugen in Oslo

The police in Oslo estimate that there were close to 2,000 people on St. Hanshaugen around 1 o’clock on Sunday night, and that the crowd was reduced to around 600 a little before 02.30. – There are a lot of people who are gathered, and a lot of young people and many are intoxicated. There […]

Denmark opens for tourists from border areas

As part of the government’s plan for reopening, a number of changes were introduced on Friday that restrict travel in and out of the country. Until now, there has been a requirement for an important purpose for everyone who wanted to enter Denmark and who lives in the EU or the Schengen area. This requirement […]