The gesture of Máxima de Holland with a photographer with breast cancer

Máxima from Holland with the photographer JoseeGetty The Queen of the Netherlands has said goodbye to photographer Josee Máxima from Holland has embraced the photographer and has managed to capture everyone’s attention “I will miss you”, he said during the inauguration of the new headquarters of AFAS Software Maxima from Holland has thrilled everyone with […]

Flow Weekend: Queues, Visitor Anger, and Changing Habits Business

Queues at stores Ernesta Dapkienė, Director of Maxima’s Communication and Image Department 15min commented that queues were waiting to be seen at stores near Friday. True, not all visitors accepted the new restrictions calmly. E.Dapkienė regretted that despite the fact that most buyers behave responsibly, conflicts occur. Luke April / 15min photo / Maxima “As […]

New restriction for traders: shops adapt, pharmacies outraged Business

Such a requirement will take effect on Friday, September 22, and will apply to those outlets that are exempted by government decree and allowed to serve people who do not meet the eligibility passport criteria. According to the Ministry of Health, such persons may be served by shops and marketplaces whose main activity is the […]

Cabinet replaced the head of the migration service

Photo: Cabinet replaced the head of the migration service Maksim Sokolyuk was dismissed from his post and appointed to the post of acting. head of the service Natalia Naumenko. The Cabinet of Ministers dismissed Maksim Sokolyuk from the post of head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine – now acting. Natalya Naumenko was […]

Bilbao airport achieves maximum certification as a safe space against covid

The jury has evaluated the efforts of La Paloma to adapt to the pandemic and that they have been especially intense in terms of cleaning, ventilation and installation of elements that avoid contact between people EC Monday, May 17, 2021, 3:25 PM Bilbao airport is a safe airport against covid, according to the certification received […]

Action with Máxima banknotes gets out of hand, Johan Vlemmix regrets

Johan Vlemmix already regrets his action in which he literally throws money in honor of Queen Máxima’s fiftieth birthday. He is followed by fanatical people and some things have even been killed in hiding places. People also try to copy the notes. “Of course that is not the intention”, says Johan. “I really liked it”, […]

Máxima Zorreguieta, a social climb to the top of the throne

Gema ContyFOLLOW, CONTINUE Madrid Updated:05/01/2021 00: 11h Keep Related news Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti She played princesses when she was little and ended up becoming one. Her future was always clear to her, since almost from the cradle she was instructed by her parents, María del Carmen Cerruti and Jorge Zorreguieta -especially by the latter-, to […]

Maxima warns of a fake app

Retailer “Maxima Latvija” warns about a malicious copy of the company’s new application, which is not related to “Maxima Latvija”, which appeared in mobile application stores, LETA informed the company. The company allowed the fake app to collect user data with an identical visual design to the original. The name of the copy of the […]