A woman gave birth on a plane and dumped the baby in the toilet

PHOTO: Pixabay A newborn boy, abandoned in a trash can in the toilet of an airplane, was found by employees at the airport in Mauritius, the BBC reported. The strange find was made on January 1 after an Air Mauritius plane landed from Madagascar at Sir Sivusagar Ramgoolam International Airport. Airport officials found the baby […]

shoes under an electricity pylon

Soodhun predicted in 2019: “This is the city to become a New York City.”… We have to believe that we do not do things like nowhere else in this city. What shoes are we going to put on at the foot of the tree? To optimize your chances of pleasing Santa Claus, a pair of […]

[Education] Minister Dookun increasingly targeted

She is the most unpopular minister at the moment. The discontent being such in the education sector that his resignation is demanded from all sides. Yesterday, in front of the building housing the headquarters of his ministry, students, parents, teachers and the usual demonstrators agreed, like a Steinway & Sons piano, to demand his resignation. […]

« Vacoas/Phoenix pou vine New York City »

The “itinerant” ambassador to the land of the Arabs likes to flatter himself and does not deprive himself of it. Thus, during the inauguration by the Prime Minister, Pravind Jugnauth of the Flyover Pont Fer, yesterday Saturday, September 18, Showkutally Soodhun, currently in Dubai spoke on his online platform by declaring: “Mo ti ena ene […]

Bibi Rehana Mungly-Gulbul or a step towards the history of the judiciary

Bibi Rehana Mungly-Gulbul took the first of two small steps that should take her down in history. Yesterday she was named Senior Puisne Judge. There is only one other small step left to be taken to become the first chief judge in Mauritius’ history. A woman at the head of the judiciary… quite a story! […]

Exit Gaud-Joomaye, Enter Ip et Lam

The Gaud-Jagutpal-Joomaye trio no longer exists. At least in the media! The Minister of Health got rid of these avatars, one of which has an Icac investigation stuck to the buttocks, and the other, “expert” to embellish the situation, attacked from all sides by health professionals. The two advisers in the Prime Minister’s Office were […]

An employee of the clinic of Dr Zouberr Joomaye indicted for breach of Quarantine act

An Indian doctor, a surgeon by profession, had made the headlines for refusing to isolate himself in a quarantine center, while his three-year-old son, attending pre-primary school Melbees was in contact with two children who tested positive. The violated rights of children aged 2-3 quarantined in Mauritius This employee of Dr Zouberr Joomaye’s private clinic […]

[Vidéo] India legally protects its citizens from AstraZeneca vaccine

In Mauritius, the vaccination campaign continues despite the reluctance and suspension of some countries regarding the AstraZeneca vaccine. To add to all this, it is the consent form used in Mauritius that raises the eyebrows. The pill does not go after the clauses of the consent form that anyone who wishes to be vaccinated must […]