There is a unique phenomenon on December 8, 2022 – the planet Mars is clearly visible from the Earth, check out the interesting facts

SEPUTARLAMPUNG.COM – It will happen phenomenon unique from where the planet Mars is clearly visible LandOn December 8, 2022. Check out the following interesting facts. This year, some phenomenon unique in heaven it happened. On the same date of the previous month, November 8, 2022, it happened phenomenon total lunar eclipse. Astronomical phenomena often attract […]

The planet Mars can be clearly seen from Earth December 8 –

SOLOPOS.COM – Illustration of the planet Mars ( Solopos.comJAKARTA—On December 8, 2022, a rare phenomenon will occur in outer space, where the planet Mars can be seen very clearly from Earth. This is a phenomenon called the Mars opposition. On the same day, Mars will pass behind the moon in an event known as a […]