Darmstadt 98 in crisis

Athree wins in a row before the turn of the year are followed by three defeats in a row in the new year. The “lilies” maneuvered themselves into a crisis situation on Sunday afternoon with their 3-0 defeat at 1. FC Heidenheim. While at SV Darmstadt 98 you could usually claim to have been on […]

Second Bundesliga: Darmstadt loses 1: 2 against Hanover

NAfter almost half of the second division season it becomes clear: In order to win or score, the “lilies” have to bring (almost) their full potential to the lawn. Then they are able to successfully face any opponent. However, on days when the plan doesn’t work out and there is no stringency in the offensive […]

Tobias Kempe has the best time at SV Darmstadt 98 in the 2nd Bundesliga

Be football professionals are sometimes not that different from kicking in the regional league or playing games with friends in the park. You like to have someone on your team whom you fit in with the pleasant feeling that the ball is safe with him. That he won’t lose it thanks to his great technique. […]

SV Darmstadt 98 loses at VfL Bochum

WHow high (feeling) and low (blow) can be close together in football, Tobias Kempe experienced in a special way on Saturday. The “Lilien” offensive player proved his extraordinary feeling in the right foot in the 80th minute when he flicked a free kick into the corner of the goal to make it 1-0. Less than […]

“A personality has to overcome resistance”

What is the problem with youth training in German football? I don’t think she’s sick. A lot of players are being developed who come out younger and younger: Sané, Havertz or now Wirtz – these are top-trained players here who will have an international career. We are also well positioned across the board in Germany. […]

SV Darmstadt 98 after 3-0 in Dresden in the DFB Cup round of 16

Erst he hit the ball perfectly that it hit under the Dresden goal bar at high speed. Then violent goal scorer Fabian Schnellhardt said with pre-Christmas satisfaction: “It was the perfect end to the year.” On Tuesday evening, SV Darmstadt 98 ticked a good year 2020 in terms of sport and added a little bow […]

Darmstadt 98 against angry Würzburg

Dhe prelude to the game wore features of a farce. Only the days of uncertainty as to whether the second division home game of the “Lilien” against the Würzburger Kickers can take place this Saturday (1pm in the FAZ live ticker for the second Bundesliga and on Sky). Then after the Corona outbreak in the […]

Serdar Dursun as the glutton at Darmstadt 98

Serdar Dursun is a sociable person, but his keen hunting instinct does not stop at his teammates on the soccer field. Because scoring goals is his elixir of life. And so it would not be surprising if the attacker did not go to bed very happy on Friday evening after the convincing 4-0 home win […]

SV Darmstadt 98 loses in the 2nd Bundesliga at Erzgebirge Aue

Markus beginning coached himself downright in a rage. Sometimes the head coach of the SV Darmstadt 98 like a commentator on the game, sometimes like a youth coach who constantly calls out things that are taken for granted in the form of commands. However, he did not prevent Lars Lukas Mai’s blackout. The central defender […]

Second Bundesliga: Darmstadt frustration in the 2-2 draw against St. Pauli

EA member of the club’s presidium believed himself to be unobserved behind the deserted grandstand and screamed out his frustration with a single, adult word. At the same time, the head coach called a team circle down on the lawn, to which his professionals with drooping heads gathered. Markus Anfang stepped aside for a moment […]