Helena Dalli, this European commissioner who provokes controversy

PORTRAIT – The Maltese Equality Commissioner wrote the guide for inclusive communication, which sparked controversy within the European community. Brussels Helena Dalli is in the shelter. Since the controversy over the guide on inclusive communication erupted at the end of November, it is very discreet. The 59-year-old woman, with long brown hair, declined all requests […]

Škoda Auto reports a drop in sales. It is the worst of the whole group

The European new car market continues to struggle with the crisis. After last year’s fall in registrations due to covid measures, a production crisis occurred this year due to a lack of components. This has been reflected in registration statistics for several months, which was confirmed in October. Last month, only 798,693 cars were registered […]

One of the EU countries will close the border for unvaccinated travelers

Photo: Unsplash Malta closes borders to non-vaccinated tourists – – To enter the country, children will be required to present a negative PCR test for coronavirus infection. The Maltese authorities have banned tourists who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus from entering the country. The restriction will take effect from July 14. This was […]

Malta records first zero cases of Covid-19 infection in 11 months

loading… VALLETTA – Malta record zero cases Covid-19 their first in 11 months. Malta’s announcement comes as a number of countries are still struggling with the second or third wave of the virus. However, Malta’s Minister of Health, Chris Fearne, urged people to remain vigilant and maintain health protocols to prevent the virus from re-emerging. […]

A new leader in the incidence of COVID-19 appears in Europe

Photo: Unsplash Sweden ranks first in the EU in terms of incidence of coronavirus – – The best situation is in Finland, Portugal, Romania, as well as in Malta and Iceland, where the figures are less than 100 per 100 thousand population. Sweden came out on top among the EU countries in terms of the […]

Libyan sentenced to 25 years in prison for hijacking in Malta in 2016 | NOW

A Libyan man who hijacked an Airbus A320 from Afriqiyah Airlines in 2016 was sentenced to 25 years in prison in Malta on Wednesday. The plane with 109 passengers landed without casualties in Malta at the time. Shah Soko Moussa, 29, confessed to hijacking the plane in February on December 23, 2016. His fellow hijacker, […]